Luxury brands we actually like and are still a bit affordable (especially these days).




Luxury brands we like and that are still a bit affordable. Not breaking the fucking bank!

Do you want the right about your favorite brands, show your looks, give reviews and more but don’t you know how to start with it? Then take this course. It will teach you everything and you will start successful right away. 

Got my eyes on these brands!

I think a lot of people and especially the youth think style is all about buying luxury brands. But to be honest, you are just paying for the brand and not always for the better quality.

So how to be stylish with cheaper brands? Its recession. come on! You really buying Gucci and Balenciaga? and dont eat the rest of the month?

Some luxury brands iammandyb likes.

1.Jeffrey Campbells

Jeffrey Campbell is a small company based in Los Angeles (only 12 employees), that has manufacturing in China. This company’s lines are youthful and edgy, inspired by vintage, and fun

And yes we like the shoes a lot. Its original, different and still affordable

Buying some shoes from them in the future for sure! Would like to work together with this brand.

The shoes are not that expensive, but I would say its more an luxury exclusive brand then an affordable brand. Price range from 100 dollar to 500 dollar.

This is a musthave! Go get them! I like edgy boots and also cowboy boots are very trending nowadays.

Im not really the high heel type..Im a spider so perfect match, right?

2.Chiara Ferragni Brand

I just love this woman and her own collection. She is stylish, she has taste and she is a famous influencer, blogger and entrepeneur. She built a fashion empire for herself with her blog and her brand. Her blog was launched in 2009 and receives a million visitors a month. The Chiara Ferragni brand was launched in 2013 as a fashion shoe brand, from an idea of Chiara Ferragni herself, Creative Director and Muse of the brand.

But now she sells make-up, bags, clothes, also for kids and shoes.

The brand is not that expensive and we are definitely buying something soon.

What do you think of these sneakers? Colorful and stylish. #teampink! Staying in the Barbiecore vibe.

Stay tuned for more!

She is worth more then 20 million in 2022.


Moschino is an Italian luxury fashion house founded in 1983 by Franco Moschino in Milan known for over-the-top, campy designs. The company specializes in ready-to-wear, handbags, and fashion accessories.

Moschino is a luxury brand, although not a high-end brand. Its middle-level luxury brand.

ThiItalian luxury brand is trendy among youngsters that wear Moschino to express their ironic attitude and sarcasm.Its a fun brand. They bring fun into fashion and I like that. Make it playful and different.

I love their colorful and playful designs. Colors, edgy, fun, stylish,trendy and unique.

Some Moschino musthaves.

Some items I like from their website. 

This jacket. Playful, colorful and edgy. 

and this one! Lovely stylish and red. 

All lovely!

So what is your favorite luxury brand that is still a bit affordable?

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Mandy B.
Mandy B.
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