Why I am in love with Prince Ea aka Richard Williams and maybe you are too after reading this.

We all have someone that has stolen our heart just because they have a beautiful soul and you can see it. One of those persons is Prince Ea aka Richard Williams. A...

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Is instagram bad for your mental health?

Ow yes it is! Don’t you think? On Instagram its nowadays all about likes and followers. How many folllowers do you have? How famous are...

Most popular beauty influencers of Youtube in 2021

Okay like we said:we are a “little” magazine. A little influencer showing fashion and beauty shots and products. But who knows we become “big”...

Pink with black: an edgy look!

I really love this jacket. It's so fluffy. Pink is very edgy. It can make you look like a barbie but if you combine...

Bomb it up!

Bomber jackets are always good right? They are always trending. I love this jacket from Primark. Primark is not always the best for quality...

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