How to dress like an Edgy lady. Do I look edgy or not?

Being an edgy lady involves embracing a bold and unconventional style that exudes confidence and individuality. It's about pushing boundaries, experimenting with unique fashion elements, and expressing your personality in a...

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The most popular personal blogs of 2024. is it iammandyb.com?Am I popular? No I will never be the popular one and I dont get...

  A little ego won't hurt nobody, right? But its not really like a personal blog actually...its more iike an allround lifestyle magazine full of...

Luxury brands we actually like and are still a bit affordable (especially these days).

Luxury brands we like and that are still a bit affordable. Not breaking the fucking bank! Do you want the right about your favorite brands,...

She blue (a bit manly) or pink (female type), Or just a bit of both? im a mix, a tomboy lady.

Some masculine energy (blue) with some female energy. You prefer the blue or the pink? Kiss for the one who do like my little magazine and...

Mad, kind, bright as a hatter. Spread the love and share the hat!

New look, new campaign, spread love. Mad, bright, kind as a hatter. So who are you? Do you know yourself? I think I am a little...

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