What is Edgy fashion. Curious?

So what is edgy fashion?Are you curious? Red with black is a good example of Edgy Fashion. But also Pink with Black or just a classy look with some urban items. See...

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The most popular personal blogs of 2023.

Want to become a succesful blogger to? Then take this course! Make it a brand and build your online business. The most popular blogs of...

Skims: What is SKIMS?

SKIMS: what is it? A fashion shapewear brand you must know. We tell you about it and of course we will buy and review some...

StreetArt, but make it stylish.

Happy Valentines day everyone, Enjoy your love. I got love for art, streetart and fashion. Edgy and urban fashion. Art, but make it stylish. Got my...

Barbiecore sneakers. Where to get them?

Hello there everyone. I founded some cool pink sneakers. Barbiecore is still trending and pink sneakers can make you look very edgy and stylish! at... uhm yeah...

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