Blogging is passive income in 2023. A great way of making money online.

All the ins and outs about blogging and building a passive income business online in this book. Blogging is passive income in 2023. Its one of the best ways of making...

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The most popular personal blogs of 2023.

  A little ego won't hurt nobody, right? But its not really like a personal blog actually... Want to become a succesful blogger to? Then take...

Luxury brands we actually like and are still a bit affordable (especially these days).

Luxury brands we like and that are still a bit affordable. Not breaking the fucking bank! Do you want the right about your favorite brands,...

It aint that black and white (shoes). There is an area, the shade of orange. What a comeback!

Hello everyone. It got a new look. Some trippin (checkered print boots) which I hope I can sell soon (my own collection) and some orange...

They say its a no GO. Who are they? I say its a win-win. Both winners brands. Be yourself. Do whatever you like.

  Where an Adidas dress meets Panda Nikes. Both dope, but can they go together? The people say no. Its a no go in the fashion...

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