What Celebrities Have Beauty Lines

So what celebrities actually have beauty lines? Its a trend for celebrities nowadays. These days, celebrities launch their own brand as a side hustle out of their career. However, predominantly female...

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Skims: What is SKIMS?

SKIMS: what is it? A fashion shapewear brand you must know. We tell you about it and of course we will buy and review...

Starting a blog in 2022 is actually a good idea. Read here why.

In a world full of Instagram influencers its not a bad idea to start a blog in 2022. Why is this? Everyone wants to...

Gothic BUT make it summer. #blackandyellow.

He girls and guys. I have a new look for you. I thought of a new campaign look: black (GOTHIC) but make it summer....

Im Dutch and you? Loving my new pants and Bomber jacket from..

Hello: Im Dutch! Im from the Netherlands and the color Orange is very trending nowadays so thats a good thing. So I bought this...

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