I am Mandy B is an online magazine full of content about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, lifestyle of celebs and stars, but also about blogging and influencers, entrepreneur, money and more. The all in one magazine. The all in one place to be. Irs informative, educational, motivational and more. 
Our online magazine gives your company or brand an ideal platform to reach people all over the world (but mostly people in the USA, Canada and Australia) which is our target group and introduce them to your products or services. 
Do you want to place an article or advertising banner for your company? Ask for the possibilities to collaborate. We offer the following options:
We dont do any cheap guestposts so save us from your emails. 
-Sponsored Article/ advertorial/SEO-post including links on (250 dollar) 
-Productreviews (250 dollar)
-Post with picture and link on our social media channels (Twitter & Facebook) (300 dollar)
-Banner on IammandyB (also casino/gambling banner possibilities). We can discuss the price. 


We have 100k unique visitors a month now and 150.000pageviews. We grow very hard.. Ahrefs is not showing the right statistics so feel free to ask for our analytics (Google analytics). 

Growing very fast, so stay tuned. We will update the statistics. 

Please feel free to ask me anything. of fill in the contactform below.

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