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I am Mandy B is an online magazine full of content about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, lifestyle of celebs and stars, but also about blogging and influencers, entrepreneur, money and more. The all in one magazine. The all in one place to be. It is informative, educational, motivational and more. 

I just actually think it is an art piece, its different, original and gives you content where people are curious about. I try to mix up fashion, beauty with other important lifestyle content, There is more in life than superficial fashion and beauty, 

It’s a personality piece, not every woman in this world is like Kim Kardashian. Some care about morals, values and life talk. 

For now: we need a SEO expect who can bring back my content rankings on Google. Not 1 article is in Google anymore and we don’t know what happened. I am a on a budget so don’t send we offers of 500 dollar a month for SEO, just normal prices. 

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