Over Mandy B

Hello there, ladies and gentlemen. I am Mandy B, 32-years-old Dutch creative entrepreneur, creative director, writer and social worker.
Creating is my life: thinking of new ideas, concepts, blogs, brands etc. Creating, thinking, writing.
I am the owner & founder of 2 Dutch blogs (carrieretijd.nl & lifeofanartist.nl) and of some English blogs which I am working on.
With this blog/little magazine I want to show you my ideas, my styling, feeling for fashion, trends, but also setting trends, and of course bring you interesting content. Influencers, blogging advice, making money online advice, talent that deserves to be seen, entrepreneurship journey, and everything about fashion & beauty. All on this Blog! But I am also very open-minded, interested in cultures and identities. I have respect for other type of people, like you are a gay, bi or non-binair. You still mather! I have a passion for fashion, make-up, colors, design, streetart and more. I show you my beauty looks, fashion looks and bring you interesting trending content. I would love to work for a fashion/make-up brand or creative agency to work out advertising ideas. You will find a lot of advertising ideas and reviews of products. Like my work? Contact me.
See my talent? Hope to hear from you!