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Who is Chiara Ferragni? The Famous fashion blogger you must know.




Are you a fashion and beauty lover? Then you have probably heard of Chiara Ferragni. Even if you want to be a professional in the fashion industry, you must have heard of this famous fashion icon. Chiara is a famous name in the beauty and fashion industry- a well-known and renowned fashion blogger and influencer. This woman is a blogger, businesswoman, fashion designer, and model who has collaborated with fashion and beauty brands through her blog and her Instagram. Read more about her here below and find out everything about her.

Here are some facts about Chiara Ferrangi.

Early life

Chiara was born on June 4, 1987, in Cremona, Italy. Her father’s name is Marco Ferragni, and her mother’s name is Marina Di Guardo. Her mother was a famous Italian writer. Her parents are both from Italy so her family is of Italian origin.She was a law student turning into fashion and photography.


Chiara Ferragni has a famous fashion (and beauty modelling)career. She is the founder of the famous blog The Blonde Salad and She is also a founder of Chiara Ferragni Collection. Her own fashion and make-up brand.

Chiara Ferragni started her career in fashion at a young age when she launched her style blog, TheBlondeSalad. She started in the Italian language, but now she also has her blog in English. She started the blog with her former boyfriend, Riccardo Pozzuoli but now she is married to rapper Federico Lucia.

Chiara is a well-known influencer and a rising star in the fashion world. She’s been featured by Forbes in their 30 under 30 young people list, Harvard Business School created an entire case study on her life and career, and Frieze curated the largest solo exhibition of her work.

Only three years after she started her blog, Forbes named her one of the top five fashion influencers in the world. She now has millions of followers on the gram..She worked together with brands like Pantene and Tod’s as an influencer through her blog. Over the years, she also worked with high-profile brands like Chanel, Ermenegildo Zegna, Louis Vuitton, and Christian Dior. She modeled for Guess, which was marketed as an ad campaign. She also collaborated with Steve Madden to design a 9- shoe collection. Like wow! The dream of every women into fashion and beauty. To design your own collection.

By 2016, she had transformed her style blog into a full-blown lifestyle website and the website has million of visitors now in 2 languages. (although its not as popular nowadays anymore). She needs SEO!! follow this course for your blog and become a marketing icon.

In October 2018, Chiara account herself as CEO of Chiara Ferragni Collection.She sells everything from clothes to jewelry, swimwear, kidswear and make-up. She is not just a blogger or influencer but she is a brand and we really look up to this woman.


She won a Bloglovin award in 2014. The days when Bloglovin still was a hype. Blogging is not what it was anymore. Social media is it.

This blogger is the Best Personal Style blogger. She has been covering the magazine scene in the US for a while now and has appeared on the magazine covers. You’ll want to check out her blog.

In 2011, The New York Magazine named Ferragni “One of the Biggest Breakout Street-Style Stars of the Year .”Since 2013 she has been listed in Business of Fashion’s 500 most influential fashion people.

The Forbe’s 30 Under 30 for Beauty list named Ferraigni one of its honorees in 2015.

Chiara Ferragni Blog

She started her fashion blog in October 2009. She has been blogging since then.

During her brief time at Teen Vogue, she wrote several articles on issues facing teens and young women, including fashion, styles, and other issues.

Ferragni’s blog was already generating over a million visits per month by 2013. So she made her blog famous in just 4 years. That same year she won several bloggers of the year recognition. She was there in the early days. That was a really good thing. Blogging is not what it was anymore. The focus is on social media like TikTok. But blogging can still make you a millionaire. Read more here. Just focus on quality content and SEO!!

Why is Chiara Ferragni so popular? 

Italian fashion blogger has been climbing the success ladder since 2009. She now has over 20M followers on Instagram and her blog has 1 million unique visitors a month (not anymore but okay). She is already a hype on social media.

She is pretty and she is smart. Best of both worlds. She had a classy style and unique style. Its more classy then ours. We would describe our style more edgy/gothic. A mix of styles.

This is what everyone wants! She’s the celebrity and fashion-icon of our generation

This is a woman who’s paid thousands of euros for just one photo on the gram.

How much money is she making?

Curious to know about Chiara Ferrangi Net worth in 2022? Chiara Ferragni is a fashion blogger, influencer, and designer who earn millions a year. On some websites (the web) she is estimated to have 20 million in 2022, but we think she is worth more then that. She reached this in just 13 years of blogging and being an fashion and beauty entrepreneur.

Chiara As an Inspiration

Chiara Ferragni is a true inspiration for ambitious ladies around the world. The world has changed due to the internet and more advanced technology as Chiara became famous from her home by blogging. All other girls can do the same by taking inspiration from her. This is a beauty that made smart moves with her blog, instagram and her brand.

Chiara is the motivation for all people who want to achieve something big in their lives. I must say that every girl from a young age needs to scroll for famous personalities like Chiara to be motivated all the time.

For more fashion inspiration icons read this article.

Image; flickr

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