Where to shop in recession times? Recession coming up.




Its recession time. Europe is heading for recession. But not only Europe. Its the whole world. Even America.

First 2 years of corona and now this. What is going on in the world? Its no good…A lot of people need financial help and the crime will increase in the future. The future does not look that good for the world. And yes we care about the planet and about people. No KimK selfish type. The world is all about me type.

The Dutch government is helping a bit in 2023 for the lower incomes, but I think they can do more.

Help the ones with good ideas and invest in them. Bright entrepreneurs can change the world and help the Dutch economy.

But you are here because you still want to look trendy and dope while being on a budget.

You are a fashion queen looking for some budget clothes.

We got you covered!

Here are the best shops for you


Spend less, smile more is their motto and yes we like it.

Amazon is a good online store and has enough choice. Amazon has everything but also nice fashion. You can find nearly anything at almost any price point. 

Here are some cool jackets you need to have for the upcoming (cold;)) winter. Well we don’t think it will be very cold in Europe this winter, but for the Americans maybe. We are also facing global warming.

We put the best clothes of Amazon on our website so you look trendy and dope in 2022. Have a look at other fashion articles and get the #AMAZONLOOK.

2. Berskha

Who does not know Berskha? It’s the Zara sister.

Berskha is more for the youth (I must say when you pass the 35 you need another store), so 3 more years of Berskha clothing;) Of course it is fast fashion, but they have nice designs and the quality is okay.

So shop online and get some dope jackets and sweaters.

We just bought this jacket here. Shoot coming up soon.


Shein (formerly SheInside) was founded in October 2008 in Nanjung, China, with the belief that everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion. So its for everyone and yes its also a fast fashion store..

Shein is an online clothing retailer that everyone seems to shop at nowadays and their popularity is huge. And I think they are okay.

They really have it all:cute tops, dresses for every occasion from date night to wedding guests, trendy outfits, shoes, bags and more.

The giant online store is worth 100 billion. Like what?


One of our favorite online shops. Also more for younger women. I would say when you pass the 40, you go shop somewhere else..but we are 32 now so we still shop here.

They have affordable clothes. Nice design, trending items. PrettyLittleThing is a UK-based online retailer known for its affordable prices. They also sell beauty.

The shop is worth 500 million.

Get some dope bomber jackets here. Bomber jackets are in style again!

So do you know some more dope online budget stores? Of course you have Primark…but they don’t have an online store.

Please share this article to help everyone out in the recession 2022 and shop on a budget.

You can look stylish even on a budget!

mandy b.
mandy b.https://iammandyb.com
Founder, owner, writer Iammandyb.com & artistheat.com (coming up this summer)
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