Is Chiara Ferragni a Billionaire?




Is Chiara Ferragni a billionaire?

You Googled it and you are curious.

Well this woman is a famous fashionblogger, entrepreneur, designer, influencer and author who has collaborated with fashion and beauty brands through her blog The Blonde Salad. She worked with Tod’s and Pantene through her famous blog (but many more).

Her blog gets 500k visitors a month (it could get much more when she focused on popular topics and SEO).

She started her blog back in 2009, when blogging was a big hype. She still was a law student but found her passion in fashion and photography.

Ferragni modelled for Guess in 2013 in a shoot that was subsequently marketed as an ad campaign. In December 2013 she collaborated with Steve Madden to design a 9-shoe collection for Spring 2014.

But this is not all. She is also the founder & owner of her own fashion & make-up brand. (she sells everything now). In 2013, Ferragni launched her own footwear line with Luisa Via Roma. Boasting four flagship stores, the Chiara Ferragni Collection has since expanded into a clothing, accessories and children’s wear line. Check the store here.

And she has millions of followers on the gram. Chiara Ferragni is one of the highest paid fashion influencers in the world. She can get 20.000 dollar for one sponsored post. Like what?

Yes Instagram can make you big bucks but blogging to. Try both! If you find it a hard time to get likes and folllowers then its better to focus on a blog and make money with it.

So the big question. Is she a billionaire like Kim Kardashian and Rihanna?

No she is not.

She is rich though.

In 2022 she is worth more then 20 million (but we are not sure). We actually think its way more.

Congrats on that!

Some cool products of her clothing line get them here below.

mandy b.
mandy b.
Online entrepreneur, writer and creative director. I have many (also Dutch, because I am actually Dutch) blogs, but this is my personal fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog. I like to play dress up & make me pretty. I love fashion and make up, mixing colors, styling, streetart etc. But also give you blogging advice and tell you more about my entrepreneurship journey. Iammandyb is all about Creating things & Caring about others.
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