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Why is Addison Rae so famous?Who is this influencer?




Addison Rae Easterling, better known as Addison Rae, is one of the biggest social media stars and influencers in the world today. At just 21 years old, she has amassed over 80 million followers on TikTok and has become a household name.

But how did a teenager from Louisiana become an internet sensation seemingly overnight? What about Addison Rae, who captivated millions of fans and launched her into stardom?

In this blog post, we’ll deeply dive into Addison Rae’s meteoric rise to fame, exploring the factors that contributed to her success. From her beginnings on TikTok to her savvy crossover into mainstream celebrity, we’ll break down the key elements that made Addison Rae a viral sensation.

Her Early Beginnings on TikTok

Addison Rae’s journey to fame began in 2019 on TikTok. She started posting dancing and lip-syncing videos that showcased her talent for performing. Her natural charisma and lively personality shone through even in her early videos.

She quickly amassed a following, hitting 1 million followers by October 2019. Her family and friends frequently appeared in her TikTok videos, helping showcase her funny and charming personality. Dancing alongside her mom, remarkably, became a trademark of Addison’s early videos.

As her follower count grew exponentially over just a few months, Addison decided to pursue content creation full-time. She dropped out of Louisiana State University in late 2019 to focus entirely on her budding social media career.

Moving to LA and Joining the Hype House

In December 2019, Addison made the pivotal move to Los Angeles. She joined the Hype House, a collective of top TikTok creators all living together and collaborating on viral content.

Being part of the Hype House granted Addison access to top influencers in the space. It also expanded her audience and provided her built-in collaborators to create content with. She began appearing in videos with other big TikTok stars like Chase Hudson and the D’Amelio sisters.

The Hype House era propelled Addison into the upper echelon of TikTok fame. It gave her the resources and network to create next-level content that would blow up on the platform.

Crossing Over to Mainstream Fame

By early 2020, Addison had established herself as one of TikTok’s biggest stars. But she had ambitions beyond just the app. Intent on crossing over into mainstream celebrity, she began making moves to expand her fame across platforms.

Her first significant crossover moment came through an unexpected friendship with Kourtney Kardashian. The unlikely pair connected in early 2020 and began appearing in social media content together. Addison even made cameo appearances on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

The high-profile friendship gained Addison’s attention from those outside the TikTok bubble. It helped introduce her to a more mainstream audience.

Addison also began securing significant brand partnerships in 2020. She landed campaigns with brands like American Eagle, Hollister, and Morphe Cosmetics. As her fame grew, her earning potential skyrocketed. In August 2020, Forbes named her TikTok’s highest earner.

Launching a Music Career

Capitalizing on her fame, Addison ventured into music in 2021. She released her debut single, “Obsessed,” and began sharing behind-the-scenes looks at her budding pop star career on YouTube and social media.

Addison’s instant success with “Obsessed” demonstrated her marketing savvy. She expertly leveraged her existing fanbase to gain traction in the music industry. The single charted on Billboard’s Hot 100 and has earned over 50 million Spotify streams.

For Addison, music provided a logical next step in expanding her brand outside TikTok. As with other platforms, she brought her loyal fans along for the journey to help kickstart her music career.

Starring in a Netflix Movie

In 2021, Addison achieved a significant milestone in any influencer’s crossover dreams – landing an acting role in a Netflix movie. She was cast as the lead in He’s All That, a gender-flipped remake of the 1999 hit film She’s All That.

The high-profile role represented Addison’s full pivot into mainstream celebrity. The Netflix platform introduced her to an even wider audience outside of her native social media fans.

Reviews of Addison’s acting were mixed, but the movie brought her continued fame and opportunities. It showed she could hold her own in a traditional Hollywood role outside of just making YouTube or TikTok videos.

Why She Became So Famous

Looking at the trajectory of Addison Rae’s astronomical rise, some key factors emerge that explain her unprecedented success.

  • Authentic Personality

Even in her earliest TikTok videos, Addison’s magnetic personality shines through. She possesses impressive natural charisma and comedic timing that captivates viewers. Fans feel like they’re watching a friend just being themselves versus a manufactured influencer persona. This authenticity endeared her to fans.

  • Marketing Herself Across Platforms

A significant key to Addison’s fame was her ability to market herself and her content across platforms. She utilized TikTok to gain an initial audience and then leveraged that fanbase to grow on Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, and beyond. She gave fans a constant stream of content while strategically expanding her brand.

  • Mainstream Ambitions

From early on, Addison dreamed of transcending internet fame to become a mainstream celebrity. She intentionally pursued high-profile opportunities, from acting to music, that would introduce her to new audiences. Her drive and ambition took her to the next level.

  • Work Ethic

Maintaining an active presence across multiple social media platforms while continually creating new content requires immense work. Addison’s tireless work ethic of filming, editing, and engaging with fans day after day fueled her rise. She earned her success through diligent effort.

  • Marketing Herself to Brands

Addison secured partnerships with major brands thanks to her marketability. Brands saw her friendly persona, high engagement, and cross-platform presence as hugely valuable. Addison made herself an attractive and lucrative partner for brands seeking to tap into Gen Z audiences.

Looking Ahead at Her Future

At just 21, Addison Rae has already achieved incredible fame and success that few social media stars have achieved. But given her rapid trajectory so far, she likely has much more of her career ahead of her.

Her next steps point toward firmly establishing herself in music, film, and television. With her Netflix movie under her belt, many expect Addison to continue landing acting roles to further her mainstream celebrity.

On the music front, Addison is expected to release more singles and potentially a full album. She has the fanbase to support a thriving pop career if she continues working hard.

She also plans to continue growing her social media brand across platforms. Staying connected to her loyal fanbase will be crucial, even as she transcends her TikTok roots.

One thing is sure – Addison Rae has demonstrated she knows how to leverage internet fame and turn it into something much bigger. She has all the drive, savvy, and work ethic needed to maintain her celebrity status for years.

At just 21, her journey is only just beginning. And after the whirlwind success she’s seen already, it will be exciting to watch where her career goes next.


Addison Rae’s incredible rise from a small-town TikTok user to an A-list celebrity was no accident. She maximized her reach at every turn through authenticity, cross-platform marketing, ambition, work ethic, and leveraging her persona to brands.

Her fame playbook provides an instruction manual for other influencers with similar dreams of breaking through. But Addison Rae’s X-factor charm and determination took her to heights few before her have reached.

At just 21, she’s become a household name far beyond just the TikTok realm. Her plans promise she is only getting started building her empire and further solidifying her star power.


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