Who is the most famous female blogger in the world?




Who is the most famous female blogger in the world?

I would like to say iammandyb, but no im not famous yet. Im working hard on my blog but becoming famous with your blog will take some years and not every blogger becomes famous. You need to focus on social media to and get your name into the world. I hope my blog will be a huge success and I will reach a million visitors in 5 til 10 years. Take your time girl, be patient;) Everything will be allright when working hard and being focussed.

So do you want to be a famous blogger and be the next iammandyb.com? Or chiara Ferragni with her famous blog? Then start professional right away and do it good. Take this course and have a kickstart. 

People need to find your blog through Google or social media. Of course businesscards and flyers is a good idea to. Spread the world that you are a blogger. A famous blogger on her way. Blogging is not dead in 2023, but its just a bit different. You need to handle it different and focus more on content then just only fashion or beauty pictures. Instagram is the platform for pictures. You can start a blog and work on your Instagram. Just do both. Or even start a YouTube channel and TikTok account.

I think there are 2 women that are very famous because of their blogs. They turned their blogs into million dollar brands and even started their own clothing line/make-up line etc. Of course there are more famous female bloggers for example Michelle Schroeder with Makingsenseofcents.com. A popular finance blog with a lot of readers.

The most famous female bloggers in the world:

1.Huda Kattan with Huda Beauty

Huda Kattan is a very famous blogger turned entrepreneur. She started Huda Beauty back in the days (in 2010). She wrote about make-up, skincare and made tutorials. She started selling eyelashes in 2023 and the rest is history. Huda Beauty became a worldwide known beauty brand with foundation, lipsticks, eyeshadow pallets, concealer, mascara and much more. Its even for sell in Ici Paris XL in Holland. She has a lot of followers on social media. She started in the finance industry but found out her passion belongs in the make-up./beauty industry. She learned a lot about make-up and skincare and became a make-up artist also. Now, in 2022 she is worth 600 million. She is a billionaire on her way. We keep an eye on her and her net worth.

2.Chiara Ferragni with the Blonde Salad

Chiara Ferragni started her blog in 2009, while still studying law at the University. But her passion was fashion. She made pictures and documentated her life. The website got 500.000 visitors in just a few years. Her blog became a big success. She became famous on social media and now has a lot of followers. She collaborated with a lot of brands though her blog. Brands like Tod’s and Pantene and now in 2023 she even has her own brand selling make-up, fashion,and jewelry. This woman is pretty and smart and she was there back in the days when blogging was a big hype. She was there on time.

She is worth 20 million in 2023 and is living the good life in Los Angeles.

So which famous female blogger are we missing here?



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