The Top Beauty Brands Dominating TikTok




Beauty brands that are dominating TikTok.

TikTok has shaken up the social media landscape and become a force in the beauty industry. For cosmetics brands, mastering TikTok’s unique platforms is now essential to reach Generation Z audiences. With its viral challenges, influencer culture, and short-form videos, TikTok presents significant marketing opportunities alongside challenges.

In this evolving landscape, several beauty brands stand out for their success in engaging communities and defining TikTok’s emerging beauty culture. Although Maybelline remains the overall leader, other brands are staking their own claim through tailored creative content and innovative influencer partnerships.

Let’s explore the top beauty brands outside Maybelline that are winning on TikTok right now through their innovative approach.

  1. Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics empire has leveraged her fame and TikTok’s influencer-driven culture to full advantage. With 21.4 million followers, Kylie Cosmetics has the second-largest TikTok audience among beauty brands after Maybelline.

The account features a mix of viral dance trends starring Kylie, funny videos with her famous family, motivational messaging, and product teasers and tutorials. This glimpse into Kylie’s lifestyle helps drive an emotional connection with her fans.

The brand also benefits from Kylie’s massive personal TikTok presence and collaborations with other top influencers. For example, videos produced with Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae allow Kylie Cosmetics to tap into their combined 300 million+ followers. The influencer effect significantly amplifies the brand’s reach.

2. Rare Beauty

Selena Gomez founded her Rare Beauty line to promote self-acceptance and mental health. That authentic messaging shines through across Rare Beauty’s TikTok content. The account focuses on users looking beautiful and being themselves rather than masking flaws.

This aligns perfectly with the TikTok ethos of raw, real videos over polish and perfection. Unfiltered makeup tutorials, reviews from Gomez, and relatable videos from fans drive engagement through a community mindset.

Rare Beauty also has an intelligent influencer strategy involving creative collaborations with users of all follower sizes to keep content fresh and genuine. The brand’s authentic approach and social messaging have won over TikTok users, generating 12.5 million followers.

3. Fenty Beauty

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty brand has become synonymous with inclusivity and diversity. Its TikTok account centers on edgy, artistic videos celebrating self-expression through makeup.

Like Rare Beauty, Fenty Beauty spotlights a range of looks from everyday wear to dramatic editorial styles. Its products are positioned as tools for creativity and self-love rather than blending in. Collaborations with strong voices like actor/musician Chloe Bailey further this empowering angle.

Fun “Get Ready with Me” videos reveal Fenty’s playful side while showcasing products. With 7 million followers, Fenty Beauty is setting itself apart on TikTok through a purpose-driven approach.


Founded by influencer Deepica Mutyala, South Asian-owned brand LIVE TINTED takes a distinctly TikTok-forward approach. The brand’s content blends advocacy, education, and authenticity to build an engaged community around inclusive beauty.

Mutyala leverages her background as an influencer with videos explaining product benefits through fun experiments and demos. Her #TintTok hashtag also fuels user-generated content and feedback.

LIVE TINTED’s TikTok presence is an extension of the brand’s identity that strongly resonates with its target Gen Z and millennial audience. Clever hashtag campaigns and creator partnerships have helped it gain over 5 million followers.


Korean beauty brand LANEIGE deploys a range of content styles on TikTok to highlight its focus on nourishing skincare and lip products. Diversity influencers and authentic user videos bring bright, optimism-focused messaging to life.

The brand’s popular Lip Sleeping Mask products get a frequent spotlight through beautiful artistic videos and relaxing ASMR content. LANEIGE also provides straightforward skincare education through its dermatologist founder, Caryn Dunayer.

This multifaceted approach combining entertainment, education, and user input has enabled LANEIGE to carve out a distinctive presence. The brand also encourages UGC by sending products to creators of all sizes. LANEIGE now sits at 3.3 million TikTok followers and counting.

6. Pley Beauty

Gen Z and young millennial-founded brand Pley Beauty designs its products and marketing specifically for TikTok users. Its content feels native to the platform through hashtag challenges, viral dance videos, and collaborations with up-and-coming creators.

Pley’s strategy focuses on engagement over sales, with followers constantly tagged and featured. Personality-driven videos that feel spontaneous yet polished set the brand apart while making it seem like users’ excellent friends.

Through this authentic, community-centric approach, Pley Beauty has experienced explosive growth. It’s gone from 500 to over 2 million TikTok followers in under a year. Early adoption has laid the groundwork for Pley’s long-term success.

7. Huda Beauty

Huda Kattan of Huda Beauty was one of the first significant beauty influencers. She has since transitioned to an entrepreneur role while remaining active on social media. This informs Huda Beauty’s content created to drive self-expression, education, and interaction.

Kattan’s TikTok videos inspire makeup tutorials, industry advice, and behind-the-scenes glimpses. She spotlights collaborations with other top Middle Eastern influencers that provide valuable cultural representation.

The brand also reposts creative content from users for engagement and exposure. Thanks to this influencer-driven strategy, Huda Beauty has attracted 1.6 million TikTok followers and counting.

8. Milani Cosmetics

Drugstore brand Milani Cosmetics provides inspiration and education for real people on TikTok. Relatable tutorials, dupe videos, and product reviews aim to make glam accessible for everyone.

User-generated content shows Milani products used across various styles—from bold makeup looks to simple, everyday wear. This demonstrates the inclusiveness and versatility at the brand’s core.

Milani further drives engagement through close collaboration with nano and micro-influencers. Its blend of fun and function has helped attract over 800k TikTok followers.


While Maybelline still reigns supreme, these brands demonstrate significant opportunities in beauty marketing through tailored TikTok strategies. Optimizing for the platform’s unique style and embracing its influential creator ecosystem allows brands to connect with audiences authentically.

It’s clear that regularly generating fun and engaging content, highlighting inclusivity and diversity, and forming strategic partnerships are critical for beauty brands to flourish on TikTok. Companies that can effectively marry their values and products with emerging TikTok trends will continue experiencing viral success.

The brands dominating TikTok today have set themselves up for continued growth by tapping into what makes the platform such a hotbed for beauty content. Their understanding of the TikTok ethos provides a framework for the broader industry to follow as competition intensifies. One thing is sure: TikTok holds incredible potential for brands speaking Gen Z’s language to thrive.


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