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While Instagram is flooded with influencers who gain fame quickly by posting provocative selfies, there are several talented creators using the platform to showcase real artistry, creativity, and expression.


Background on Her Unique Style

Nyane was born in a small village in South Africa and discovered her creative talents early on. She began customizing her clothing as a teenager by teaching herself sewing, embroidery, and crochet techniques. Nyane developed a signature colorful, hippie-inspired look blending modern fashion with retro 70s vibes. She stands out on Instagram with experimental layering of patterns, using sheer fabrics, customized distressing, colorful knits, and textured accessories. Her style uniquely blends trends from different eras with an artistic DIY punk rock twist.

Her Artistic Process and Beauty Expression

Nyane sources unique statement pieces for her looks by scouring local thrift and secondhand stores. She will then meticulously customize items to match her aesthetic vision through hand embroidery, tie-dyeing vibrant patterns, and adding decorative patches or crochet overlays. Nyane has cited nature, mythology, and Eastern spirituality as core inspirations. She imbues a sense of earthy enchantment into her styling, often accessorizing with symbolic charms and crystals. Her interplay of textures and colors represents deeper themes of mystical energy and the interconnectedness between all living beings. For Nyane, clothing is another conduit for spiritual self-expression.

Analysis of Her Standout Looks

One of Nyane’s trademark looks is pairing oversized rainbow crochet tops with acid-wash high-waist jeans, combat boots, and layered necklaces. The distressed denim and neutral boots balance the brightness of the handmade knit sweater. Another standout is her boho hippie robes made from a patchwork of vintage sarongs, silky patterned kimonos flowing over textured mini skirts, and Doc Marten platforms. Nyane’s makeup reflects the same wild rainbow energy as her style, with brightly colored eyelids, sparkling crystals adorning her temples and cheeks, and ink-black graphic liner in bold shapes across her lids. Her beauty harnesses the creativity of different artistic mediums, from textile arts to the visual symmetry of tribal motifs.

Creativity Through Personal Style and Fashion

Nyane views every outfit as a new canvas for creative expression. She communicates her vision of spiritual interconnectivity and vibrant energy through the intentional crafting of her style. In her light-hearted Instagram captions, Nyane aims to spread good vibes and champion freedom for others to express themselves freely through fashion. Her DIY punk aesthetic has impacted trends by reinvigorating interest in customized and thrifted clothing offset with edgy accessories

2.Nikkie de Jager aka Nikkie Tutorials                                                                                           

Credentials as a Professional MUA

Nikkie de Jager is one of the most prominent professional makeup artists to emerge from Instagram and YouTube. As a teenager, she began sharing makeup tutorials online after completing an intensive education program to obtain her MUA credentials in the Netherlands. This built Nikkie an early dedicated audience, gaining millions of subscribers within a couple of years as one of the largest beauty channels on YouTube. She is distinguished by prestigious collaborations with significant cosmetics brands, from Too Faced to Lady Gaga’s Haus Laboratories. Now in her late 20s, Nikkie is an undisputed industry leader and icon.

Examples of Her Signature Makeup Styles

Nikkie’s signature makeup aesthetic features high-impact eyes contrasted by a flawless glowing complexion. She regularly layers 3-4 eyeshadows for blown-out smoky effects in her favorite colorful hues like emerald green, cobalt blue, and metallic burgundy. Her signature winged liner extends at sharp, precise angles from outer corners. She creates mesmerizing halo eye illusions by surrounding graphic liner shapes with softened eyeshadow. Nikkie’s base makeup is focused on seamlessly blended highlight and contour to sculpt cheekbones. She finishes every look with glossy nude lips or opaque matte lips painted beyond the natural line for a fuller silhouette.

Breaking Down Techniques to Teach and Inspire

A core aspect of Nikkie’s immense influence is her dedication to comprehensively teaching techniques for recreating her signature editorial makeup effects. She details every step, from skincare, color correcting, and strobing to setting sprays for longevity. Nikkie directly answers hundreds of questions from followers in comment sections and Q&As. She regularly films in-depth tutorials demystifying how to achieve styles worn by celebrities on red carpets and reviews testing products from hyped launches. While promoting creativity, she also emphasizes practical application for beginners.

Pushing Creativity in the Online Beauty Space

As an early adopter making a full-time living testing makeup products on YouTube starting at age 17, Nikkie pioneered what are now commonplace creative career paths in the digital space. Her playful experimentation with bright colors, metallic finishes, and liner shapes established beauty content creation as a unique form of innovative makeup art. A decade later, Nikkie still garners hundreds of millions of views, setting the pace of trends. Her popularity has culminated in collaborations with major brands like Ofra, TooFaced, and Tarte, which ultimately validate her professional expertise within the industry.

3. Celeste Barber

Background on Her Parody Account Concept

The comedian Celeste Barber rose to fame on Instagram by hilariously parodying unrealistic photos of models, celebrities, and influencers. It began when she playfully recreated a lingerie image and noticed the misleading lack of reality. Celeste realized the absurd lengths images are distorted to achieve so-called perfection. She decided to post more funny impersonations contrasting the standard shots next to her imperfect realistic takes, poking fun at the extreme filtering and editing. Celeste’s unposed bloopers quickly amassed millions of followers who felt seen in her relatable interpretations, revealing the absurdity of beauty standards.

Hilariously Revealing Absurdity of Beauty Standards

Celeste Barber’s signature parody style involves juxtaposing a standard sexy vixen shot of a model with her recreation, revealing all the awkward angles. Instead of sultry pouts, she makes goofy faces at the camera. Yoga poses meant to elongate limbs are shown tipped over mid-stretch with legs randomly askew. Attempts to smoothly caress walls or floorboards in a lounging position show Barber accidentally smacking her face into them instead. Barber sheds light on the false projection of perfection all over Instagram by not hiding unflattering bloopers. Her commentary exposes the misleading extent to which images are often Photoshopped or contorted solely for vanity through her humorous antithesis.

Her Message of Body Acceptance and Confidence

A core aspect of Barber’s immense appeal is her embrace of average actual woman lines and curves. She openly discusses in captions and interviews that she does not diet or starve herself to reach unrealistic body standards. Barber comments on the importance of displaying visible figures of all shapes and abilities to improve female self-image issues worsened by social media. Her comedy implicitly calls out the excessive promotion of unhealthy, thin ideals misrepresenting most natural body types. Barber spreads an empowering message of body acceptance by proudly flaunting her unaltered form to millions of followers.

The Impact of Her Comedy Critiquing Social Media Vanity

Celeste Barber’s hilariously ordinary impersonations of the unattainably glamorous sparked a widespread trend of similar-style parody accounts. Her sketches started being featured in mainstream television interviews and comedy sets, spreading her satirical commentary to wider audiences. Barber’s simultaneous immense popularity, alongside a sharp critique of promoting unhealthy ideals, generated some backlash. But supporters drowned out the criticism by pointing to a more significant positive cultural impact, empowering people to stop harmful social media comparisons

4.Huda Kattan

Her Development into a Beauty Mogul

The now celebrity makeup artist and beauty mogul Huda Kattan bootstrapped her empire from humble beginnings. While struggling to break into the industry as a MUA, she noticed a strong demand for quality false lashes that enhance eyes without damaging natural lashes. Kattan took out loans against her car and apartment to launch her brand, Huda Beauty, centered around lash formulas and applicators. She leveraged her Dubai connections and social media engagement to gain rapid traction. Within a couple of years, the global demand for her affordable high-impact lashes with innovative cotton band technology surpassed expectations. Since then, she has grown Huda Beauty into a makeup conglomerate valued at over 1 billion dollars.

Analysis of Her Business and Branding Success

A core component of Huda and her brands’ exponential rise has been closely aligning her digital strategy to the viral Instagram makeup aesthetic. She understood the power of influencer collaborations and gifting products early on to YouTubers to drive word-of-mouth praise across social platforms from unpaid fans. This catalyzed explosive organic growth, setting Google search trends ablaze for the previously unknown brand “Huda Beauty.” Kattan herself has morphed into an iconic figurehead due to consistent social media engagement and headline-making drama. She maintains perceived authenticity in customer’s eyes as the very user of her products.

Discussion of Her High-Quality Makeup Products

The runaway success behind Huda Beauty resides in the quality and usability of the products themselves, setting Instagram trends. She focused on medium coverage seamless foundations, brightening concealers, and versatile highlighting palettes for complexion. Huda Beauty liquid matte lip formulas balance saturated pigment, comfortable feel, and fade resistance. Her faux mink lashes cleverly catered to the Instagram aesthetic, varying from everyday glam to dramatic looks. The eyeshadow palettes contain highly pigmented hues and buttery textures optimized for creating the signature Huda smoky eye.

Ongoing Influence Over the Online Beauty Space

Today, Huda Kattan and her brands continue guiding styles and techniques tested and worn by millions of followers. She still regularly posts accessible tutorials trying buzzy TikTok methods alongside reviews of her new launches. Huda openly shares her journey from struggling artist to CEO of a billion-dollar empire to inspire others in the digital space. She fosters a sense of community engagement around creativity and self-expression, retaining loyal brand advocates even amidst growing corporate success. In many ways, the organic trust and rapport Kattan built with audiences in person and online shaped today’s playfulness and transparency between consumers, influencers, and brands interacting daily across social media.


These creators display talent through artistry, authenticity, and creative business acumen. They showcase the range of innovation flourishing on Instagram beyond superficial vanity metrics. Their unique expressions of beauty provide impactful messaging on confidence, acceptance, and fearless creativity.

Fast fame through looks certainly garners high engagement, integrity, and meaningful skills, ultimately driving enduring success stories. As with any artistic domain, quality content connects best over time, even within the digitized Instagram space.

Through their talents, Nyane, Nikkie, Celeste, and Huda convey multifaceted positive representations of beauty, from makeup artistry to body inclusiveness. They have nurtured devoted communities by transparently sharing their journeys built on passion and self-belief.

Instagram offers a far more inspiring and empowering space for beauty expression than is often acknowledged. One needs to know where to look to uncover the natural creative talents thriving all across the platform.


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