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Is Prettylittlething good quality? What you think? Do you buy clothes from this shop? Although we love this shop, the quality is not always good.. Keep on reading.

Pretty Little Thing belongs to the list of fast fashion brands that sells various types of clothes at very affordable prices, but with poor or just not good quality. Unfortunately, the list is really long and every single time customers see an ad they hope that they will receive something that is worth spending money on. Ads and Instagram posts create this unrealistic expectation that we will finally be able to wear what we have dreamt about. It feels like dream come true for just a few dollars, who would not fall for that? There are countless reviews from customers who have purchased a dress for a special occasion or a simple top to try out. The majority of people were disappointed and there are a couple of reasons WHY.

But it is so affordable…

Mainly the desire to buy clothes from such fast fashion brands as Pretty Little Thing is the fact that we believe we are going to get a great design at an unrealistically affordable price. Too good to be true.  It would be impossible for Pretty Little Thing to sell unbelievable amount of items if they did not have such low prices. But the thing is that in such cases we never get what we hope for. If the brand sells even a very simply designed black tank top for 5 dollars, it almost automatically means that the material is cheap, people who created the garment are underpaid, the process of getting the material was damaging for the environment. The brand fails in almost every category to create an item of clothing that will be so cheap that we decide to purchase it, become disappointed and have to pay more to find a dupe.

Why does it feel cheap?

Most complaints about Pretty Little Thing’s clothes are about material and fit. In order to create a great fit, great craftsmanship and high-quality materials are necessary. Pretty Little Thing mostly uses polyester, which feels artificial and very unpleasant on the skin unless it is mixed with fibers from other fabrics. But even then, polyester does not feel nice. Moreover, it is not eco-friendly. In some cases, sourcing damaging materials requires less expenses. And Pretty Little Thing prioritizes spending less and using materials that do not feel that great.


Unfortunately, Pretty Little Thing is one of those brands that underpays its workers. Currently, the brand is owned by Boohoo Group PLC and it has been proven that Boohoo pays far less than the minimum wage to its workers in the UK. It has become a commonly used ill practice that extremely popular fast fashion brands work with factories that underpay their workers or directly hire workers and pay them less than a minimum wage. Obviously, it reduces the overall cost of production, but at what cost?

Instagram VS Reality

Instagram plays a huge role in tricking us to purchase items from Pretty Little Thing. Their campaigns support body positivity and inclusivity. So we think that the brand is highly ethical. Garments look great on models and we fall for the unrealistic images. Nowadays it is more than possible to claim one thing on social media channels and do the complete opposite in reality. Sometimes all we want to do is just purchase the piece that fascinated us right away and not to overthink it. But in order to avoid wasting money, resources and all the other unnecessary damages doing research is a must.

It is especially disappointing to find out that a brand provides poor quality garments after you have already decided to buy some piece and just wanted to check if it is worth purchasing. But nowadays more than ever doing a bit of research not only about the quality of the product but about any brand’s politics and their standpoint when it comes to ethical production is more than just significant. If we like this or not, every time we purchase from a brand that offers low-quality products, treats their workers poorly, or does not care about sustainability, we help them keep acting like that and support them. Fortunately, there are numerous brands that offer good-quality, affordable clothes, there are so many vintage shops that have an amazing selection of clothes. It is always worth trying to find other options.

But to be honest, although it is not the best quality for sure. We do really like the designs of Prettylittlething. For example this sweaterdress and this red jacket. It is original, expressive, colorful etc. We will show some more clothes from this brand soon. And remember: It is not all all about quality. Cheap clothes can be great and look great when combined while. I mean Berskha is not that expensive and maybe sometimes poor quality, but we love this brand and have a lot of clothes from this brand. We love to express ourself with nice designs.

Just follow your style and not always look at quality. Of course we would like to buy some more expensive brands for now our budget is not letting it. We style on a Budget! Who knows in the future when our personal brand becomes bigger.

So is Prettylittlething good quality?Well we like the brand so what does it matter..

So do you want to start your own fashion brand? You will need a domainname, hosting, a good logo, but also a good WordPress e-commerce website (with blog to attract more customers)so this all sounds expensive but we know the place where you can get a great designed website for 200 dollars. So have a look here.

Image source: Unsplash (its not their brand).

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