A new look, a new view: its Blue aka Its Prettylittlething.




Hey everyone: im back with a new fashionlook. This time its a sweater (dress) from Prettylittlething. Buy it here. I cant find it anymore on the site, maybe it sold out. I bought it a while okay. But here is a lookalike. I will have a shop soon with my favorite items for you edgy (and urban) fashionlovers.

I really love this shop/Prettylittlething. It has original designs and trendy items. Of course, the quality is not the best, but its okay. Read more here. The shoes are from Jeffrey Campbells. An edgy shoe brand. I love edgy fashion and styling urban items like this dope sweaterdress with edgy items. And of course these heels make my legs look thinner.

So what you think of this look? Edgy or not?

mandy b.
mandy b.https://iammandyb.com
Founder, owner, writer Iammandyb.com & artistheat.com (coming up this summer)
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