Huda Kattan Net Worth in 2024. How rich is this beauty woman?




Huda Kattan Net worth in 2024. .curious? Its a lot! Keep on reading and find it out.

Are you a crazy make-up lover just like us? That’s why you probably heard the name Huda Katten. Huda Katten is a famous name in the beauty industry. She is an inspiration for many young make-up artists, vloggers and bloggers. She is not only a make-up artist but also one of the top beauty influencers of 2024. Many people know her because of her beauty brand named Huda Beauty. The Huda Beauty brand is popular globally. 

Many people inspired by Huda Kathan want to know about her early life, beauty blog, family life, and most importantly, her net worth. How much money is she making, and how many sources of income does she have? 

So, let’s get started….

Excited to know about the Early Life of Huda Kattan

She was born in Oklahoma City on October 2, 1983. Her nationality is American. She belongs to an Iraqi family. The family includes her mother and father with 3 siblings. Huda says that she has had a keen interest in beauty from an early age. During his teens, she showed interest in makeup and learned makeup from her elder sister Ayla. In her twenties, she is crazy and addicted to makeup. This craziness leads her to become a top beauty influencer globally and CEO of a famous beauty brand. 

Are you thinking about how she become so popular at this age? 

Yes, your question is so fitting because many people work hard throughout their life, but they don’t get much fame, even money. But some people among us are very passionate about doing so; they don’t only work hard but are also brilliant. That helps them to become more popular and wealthy early. 

Huda Beauty Blog | Number 1 beauty blog in Middle East

In 2010 she started a beauty blog with the title Huda Kattan beauty blog. This beauty blog helped her to run a successful beauty brand. She started updating about beauty hacks, beauty products, and fashion.This blog became the number 1 beauty blog in the Middle East and ranked among the top 20 worldwide. So she just started with her blog but made a brand of it.

Huda Beauty Brand | Billion Dollar beauty brand 

She did not make money with her blog and she wanted to start her own brand. She was there in the early days (now there are too many beauty brands on the market).

She decided to start a beauty brand Named Huda Beauty in 2013 with the help of her 2 sisters. With the passion and determination of Kattan, the Huda beauty brand became famous in a short time. Beginning with a series of false eyelashes (even worn by Kim Kardashian) she followed up with a variety of lips products and soon released fragrances and many more similar items. Including 140 more products from eyeshadow pallets to lip gloss.

How did she start a Huda Kattan Beauty brand? (Storytelling time)

After she graduated from the University of Michigan in 2008 with a degree in finance, she moved to Dubai. She got a finance recruitment job there, but she lost it within a year. 

After it, Huda Kattan started a beauty business because she loved it. She never thought it would turn into something bigger. With a $6,000 loan from her sister Alya, she started a false eyelash business that gave her enough inspiration and money to expand this business more.

For her eyelash business, she collaborated with beauty retailer Sephora Dubai. In 2013, it was expected that Sephora Dubai would help sell almost 7000 units within a year, which is suitable for a new brand. But because of her social media presence, all of the 7000 units sold within a week. According to Forbes, the Sephora Dubai retail sales hit 1.5 million dollars that year and 10 million dollars next year. 

After this success, In 2015, she decided to expand her business worldwide. 

In 2017, the company was valved in billions because she got a partnership with TSC CONSUMER PARTNERS. 

In 2020, Huda beauty’s annual sales revenue was at least 250 million dollars.

Since 2020 Huda Beauty can be bought at ICI paris XL. So we wil buy it for sure here!

After it, She took a step back; she refused to remain the company’s CEO. The Huda beauty didn’t give any reason why she did it. So she is no longer the CEO.

Due to her passion, determination, and hard work. The Huda Kattan beauty brand is trending on social media and everywhere in the world. Huda Beauty has over 48 Million followers on Instagram and 4 million subscribers on YouTube. 

Huda Kattan Net worth:

So we all want to now her Net Worth in 2024. How much is it?

On different media sites its estimated that she is worth 600 million. So much? Yes so much! Blogging can make you rich, but starting a beauty brand can make you way more rich. Well done lady!

She is an inspiration for many women who want to get famous and built their own brand globally She is an ideal woman for girls who want to be financially independent. As Huda katten started everything from zero, she reached this level of success with her interest, determination, and passion.

You go Huda!

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