How blogging changed my life and it can change yours to! Let me guide you.




Blogging changed my life. I was struggling for a long time and did not know how to make money. I had jobs, but I noticed working for a boss is not really my thing. I really like to do my own thing and I like freedom. A 9 till 5 job is nothing for me. I always wanted my own brand or actually brands.

I would like to launch my own make-up line or fashion line but for this I am looking for a partner. I am not so good with e-commerce yet and Im looking for someone with experience in this. Someone looking for some great ideas for brands.

I still have a job as social worker but I am working towards passive income and freedom with multiple bogs. Passive income is really trending these days. The youth is looking for ways to make money online and we are here to guide them the way. I really think the older generation knows to less about making money online and knows to less about blogging and other ways of making money online. That is why the youth needs someone to guide them the way without asking too much money for it.

For now I make around 2k a month with blogging. But I think this will increase to 10k a month or even much more in just a few years. It all depends on the strategy, content and marketing.

a GREat way to make money online is with premium advertising networks like this one. Google Adsense is not that great.

I just want people to know that writing online can make you money. But you have to know how to handle it. Its not just writing about what you like. Its about having a strategy. About knowing what your doing. Its about writing not just for your readers but for Google traffic. That is why we also write about popular people like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian. People want to read about these people and their empires.

I made a combination of my passion for fashion & beauty and helping people with making money online on this blog. I think these are the things I like the most.

Everyone is on Instagram and TikTok so its very hard to break through on these platforms. People all want to be followed and liked. Some people are even obsessed with likes and followers.

I think social media is bad for your mental health. You compare yourself with others and you see all the women with plastic surgery.

So I am very curious what you think of my blog and if you like it. What do you want to know more about? tell me!

mandy b.
mandy b.
Founder, owner, writer & (coming up this summer)
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