Why is Rihanna so popular? We love riri and you probably to.




Why is Rihanna so popular? Do you also love RIRI? Aka Badgal Riri on the gram? Cause we do! She is a big inspiration for us on entrepreneurship ways and with her fashion style.

This woman is very popular and loved by many people and we tell you why.

Rihanna has a net worth of more then $1.5 billion at the age of 33. Even more then Kylie Jenner. And why is this?

Rihanna has talent. She is not like Kim Kardashian (a rich woman without talent). Rihanna is already for more then 10 years a musician. Fans love her music and we do to. Her breakthrough single “Pon the Replay” came in 2005 and was a huge success. Later she came with hits like “We found love”, “Umbrella”, “Don’t stop the music” and “Disturbia”. But she has many more hits.

She was discovered by American record producer Evan Rogers. Her career took off quickly after that and she’s since been signed by Jay-Z’s own record label. She signed a contract with Def Jam at the age of 17. She put herself on the map with all her great hits and iconic looks. She worked with many great artists. Good Girl Gone Bad was released in 2007. It sold more then 2 million units in the USA alone, It is Rihanna’s best-selling album to this day.

So Rihanna got famous because she was discovered by business people seeing no her talent and believing in her. It is a mixture of luck, incredible talent, hard work and great business people around here.

From 2005 to 2009, Rihanna was the face of several marketing campaigns from Nike, Gucci, Totes Umbrella to Cover Girl. She made a lot of money with campaigns and partnerships.

But after Rihanna launched her beauty (Fenty Beauty) brand in 2017 and lingerie brand in 2018 she became even more famous and worldwide known. She has 50% ownership of the Fenty beauty brand, which is co-owned by the French luxury goods brand LVMH. In 2020, Rihanna extended her beauty brand Fenty to include skincare. Skincare is very trending nowadays. She was also planning on launching a fashion-line but this brand is put on hold. Maybe it will come later.

She used her fame and talent to become a billionaire. She is not only a musician, she is an entrepreneur, influencer and fashion-icon. She is everything and she is everywhere! She even is a mom at the moment. She welcomed a boy on friday the 13 of May with rapper A$AP Rocky. So she is busy with her child now. When will she launch her next album though? its been a long time…fans are very curious for it but it will probably take some more years.

Rihanna is always herself. She is an inspiration for many people. Her fashion style inspires me tough. You can check her style and make-up looks here: stealherstyle.net.

Of course she wears very expensive brands, but you can look for cheaper examples. Not everyone can afford this kind of lifestyle.

So Rihanna is very popular because she has talent, she is an amazing singer and entrepreneur.

You go Riri! Keep on working.

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