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Best beauty tips from influencers.

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Beauty is a topic that has captivated women throughout the ages. From Cleopatra’s famous milk baths to the modern-day obsession with contouring, women have always sought ways to enhance their natural beauty. With the rise of social media, influencers have become a powerful source of inspiration for beauty tips. In this blog post, we will highlight some of the best beauty tips from influencers and how the era of plastic surgery has affected our perception of beauty.

The Era of Plastic Surgery

The era of plastic surgery has significantly impacted our perception of beauty. With the rise of social media, plastic surgery has become more accessible and normalized, leading to a shift in beauty standards. Many celebrities and influencers have undergone various cosmetic procedures, such as lip fillers, breast augmentations, and rhinoplasties, to achieve a particular look.

While plastic surgery can empower people and help them feel more confident, it has also perpetuated unrealistic beauty standards. Social media platforms are filled with photoshopped images and influencers with surgically enhanced features, creating a culture of unattainable beauty ideals.

Moreover, plastic surgery can have dangerous consequences, including infection, scarring, and even death. Many people are unaware of the risks involved in cosmetic procedures and may underestimate their recovery time and financial burden.

The normalization of plastic surgery has also raised concerns about body dysmorphia and the pressure to conform to societal beauty standards. People who undergo multiple cosmetic procedures may develop an unhealthy obsession with their appearance, negatively impacting their mental health.

Furthermore, the era of plastic surgery has created a dichotomy between natural beauty and artificial beauty. While some argue that plastic surgery enhances natural beauty, others believe it takes away from it. The pressure to look a specific way can also lead to a loss of individuality, as people may need to conform to a particular aesthetic.

Beauty Tips from Influencers

Huda Kattan’s Secret to Flawless Skin

Huda Kattan is a beautymake-up artist, influencer, creator and the inventor of Huda Beauty. She is known for her flawless complexion, and in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she shared her secret to achieving perfect skin. Here are some more details on her skincare routine.

  • The Skincare Routine

Kattan’s skincare routine focuses on hydration and preventing signs of aging. She uses a combination of vitamin C serum, hyaluronic acid serum, and moisturizer to achieve a healthy, glowing complexion.

  • Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C is a vital tonic that helps to protect the skin against environmental damage. Kattan recommends using a vitamin C serum in the morning to brighten and tone the skin. Vitamin C also helps to improve collagen production, which can help to decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Hyaluronic acid is a compound present naturally in the skin and helps hydrate and plump the skin. Kattan recommends using a hyaluronic acid serum after applying the vitamin C serum to lock in moisture and prevent dryness. Hyaluronic acid can also help to maintain skin texture and decrease the presence of fine lines.

  • Moisturizer

Moisturizer is a significant step in any skincare routine, and Kattan is no exception. She recommends using a lightweight moisturizer to hydrate the skin and prevent signs of aging. Moisturizer helps to protect the skin barrier, which can be compromised by environmental factors such as pollution and U.V. rays.

  • The Importance of Sunscreen

Kattan stresses the importance of wearing sunscreen every day. Sun exposure is the only cause of skin impairment and can cause premature aging, hyperpigmentation, and even skin cancer. Kattan recommends using sunscreen with at least SPF 30 and reapplying every two hours if exposed to the sun.

Jackie Aina’s Guide to Contouring

Jackie Aina is a beauty influencer, Youtuber, entrepreneur and makeup artist known for her expertise in contouring. She has shared her guide to contouring with her followers, and here are some more details on her technique.

  • What is Contouring?

Contouring is a makeup technique that uses shading and highlighting to define and enhance the face’s natural structure. It involves using a darker shade of foundation or powder to create shadows where you want to create depth and a lighter shade to highlight areas you want to bring forward.

  • The Prep

Before starting the contouring process, preparing the skin properly is essential. Aina recommends starting with a clean, moisturized face and applying a primer to ensure the makeup stays in place. She also suggests using a setting spray to help the makeup last longer.

  • The Tools

To contour like a pro, you need the right tools. Aina recommends using a fluffy angled brush to apply the contouring product and a smaller brush to apply the highlighter. She also suggests using a beauty blender to blend the products seamlessly into the skin.

  • The Technique

When contouring, Aina recommends starting with a light hand and building up the intensity gradually. She suggests using a cream contour product for a more natural look and blending it out with a damp beauty blender. Aina also recommends using a powder contour product for a more dramatic look and applying it with a fluffy angled brush.

Regarding highlighting, Aina suggests using a concealer or highlighter shade that is two to three shades lighter than your natural skin tone. She recommends applying it to the high points of the face,  the bones, the top of the nose, and Cupid’s bow. She also suggests blending the highlighter with a small brush or beauty blender.

  • The Finishing Touches

After contouring and highlighting, setting the makeup in place is essential. Aina recommends using a translucent powder to set the under-eye area and a powder bronzer to select the contouring product. She also suggests using a setting spray to help the makeup last longer and give the skin a dewy finish.

Desi Perkins’ Tips for Perfect Brows

Desi Perkins is a beauty influencer, Youtuber, Instagrammer, entreprenuer and make-up artist known for her perfectly groomed brows. She is big on Instagram and YouTube and is also a freelance make-up artist. She has shared her tips for achieving perfect brows with her followers, and here are some more details on her technique.

  • The Shape

According to Perkins, the first step to achieving perfect brows is to determine the right shape for your face. She suggests using the natural shape of your brows as a guide and cleaning up any stray hairs with a tweezer. Perkins also recommends using a brow brush to comb the hairs and trim any too long. For those with sparse brows, she suggests filling them in with a brow pencil or pomade to create a fuller look. Choosing a shade that matches your natural hair color is essential to ensure a natural look. Perkins suggests starting at the arch and working toward the tail, using light strokes to mimic the look of natural hair. Finally, she means setting the brows in place with a clear brow gel or hairspray on a spoolie brush. Following these steps, you can achieve perfectly shaped and groomed brows like Desi Perkins.

Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit

Kylie Jenner is a beauty mogul and successful influencer and entrepreneur who created a sensation with her lip kits. She launched her first lip kit in 2015, which sold out within seconds of its release. The kits contain liquid lipstick and a matching lip liner, and they come in various shades. Here are some details on the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit.

  • The Formula

The Kylie Jenner Lip Kit contains a liquid lipstick that dries to a matte finish. The formula is highly pigmented and long-wearing and designed to be transfer-resistant. The kit also includes a lip liner that matches the shade of the liquid lipstick. The lip liner is designed to help define the lips and prevent the lipstick from bleeding or feathering. The formula of the lip liner is creamy and easy to apply, and it’s long-wearing as well. The combination of the liquid lipstick and lip liner creates a bold, defined lip look that lasts all day.

  • The Shades

The Kylie Jenner Lip Kit has various shades to suit every skin tone and preference. From neutrals to bold hues, every occasion has a lip kit. Some popular shades include Candy K, a pinky nude, and True Brown K, a deep brown. Kylie Jenner also releases limited edition shades from time to time, which are highly coveted by her fans. The lip kits are also affordable and accessible, making them a must-have for anyone seeking a bold, defined lip look.

Michelle Phan’s DIY Beauty Hacks

Michelle Phan is a beauty influencer and entrepreneur who became famous on YouTube for her makeup tutorials and DIY beauty hacks. She’s known for her innovative and creative approach to beauty, and she’s shared many of her tips and tricks with her followers. Here are some details on Michelle Phan’s DIY beauty hacks.

  • The Hacks

One of Michelle Phan’s most popular DIY beauty hacks is using green tea bags to reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. She suggests brewing two green tea bags in hot water and then placing them in the fridge to cool. Once cool, she puts them on the eyes for 10-15 minutes to decrease puffiness and brighten the under-eye area. Another popular DIY beauty hack from Phan uses honey as a natural face mask. She suggests mixing a tablespoon of raw honey with a teaspoon of cinnamon and applying it to the face for 10-15 minutes. Honey is known for its antibacterial and moisturizing properties, while cinnamon is a natural exfoliant. This mask is excellent for reducing acne and promoting a glowing complexion.


As a result, social media bloggers have become a powerful source of inspiration for beauty tips. While the rise of plastic surgery has changed the beauty industry, it’s important to remember that true beauty comes from within. Whether you’re looking for skincare, makeup, or haircare tips, there is no shortage of influencers sharing their knowledge on social media. By taking inspiration from these influencers, we can all enhance our natural beauty and feel confident in our skin.


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