Why is Skims so popular?What is your opinion?




Kimk is rocking it with SKIMS. its a big hit. I even think it is her first company that is really selling well. Its worth 3 billion in 2023 and its sold out all the time. The website has more then 10 million visitors! Like what?!

But why is it so popular? Is it popular because its Kim kardashian? Or is the brand just really a good idea and are the designs and looks great?

I think its a combination of both. She has the name and the fame and the fans and most people forgot the reason why she actually became famous.what a disgrace!

She already has the name and thus a lot of fans who will buy her products. And shapewear is also a popular product. Shapewear was already there (think about Spanx), but she give it a modern twist.

She did this not only by making it more inclusive but she turned a product that is typically only used for specific occasions and made it more fashionable and comfortable. SKIMS also does marketing with different body types so that everyone can see what it would look like on a body type closes to them. Thats a smart move.

Now she sells more then shapewear. Loungewear, lingerie and everything in between.

But I noticed the sizes are small. I normally have a L, but for Skims this was too small..

I really think the brands looks better on skinnier girls. Kimk Lookalikes, although the marketing is really good. I think thicker people just not look great in this kind of products..

I don’t know why its so popular. Its a good brand, good products be he would it be worth 3 billion if I was the Founder &owner? Nahh don’t think so.

Fame really helps with selling your products. Although her other brand is not getting much traffic on the website and not selling that welll. Read more here about SKKN BY KIM. A flop?

Her fame just really helps but Skims is also a good product.

Skims: what is your review of it?Worth buying?

mandy b.
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