Why is Skims so popular?What is your opinion?




Kimk is rocking it with SKIMS. its a big hit. I even think it is her first company that is really selling well. Its worth 3 billion in almost 204/ and its sold out all the time. The website has more then 10 million visitors! Like what?!

She started even with a menswear launch with big celebrities wearing it. The branding of the brand is genius and the nipple bra is to. But who’s idea was it? Hers or her of herr staff that does not earn anything..?!

Why is it so popular? Is it popular because its Kim kardashian? Or is the brand just really a good idea and are the designs and looks great?To be honest I bought a logo jumpsuit in size L, but it was too small for me. Im too big nowadays..too bad. 

Kim Kardashian’s shapewear and loungewear brand Skims has become a massive success since launching in 2019. The company is now valued at over $4 billion and frequently sells out products. But why exactly has Skims struck a chord with consumers?

More Than Just Hype

It’s easy to attribute Skims’ success solely to Kim Kardashian’s celebrity status. She undoubtedly has a massive fanbase that wants to buy anything attached to her name. However, Skims would have needed more than hype to reach this level of popularity.

The brand has resonated by identifying an underserved market and providing quality, inclusive products. Shapewear was already a significant industry but was dominated by restrictive, old-fashioned brands like Spanx. Skims made shapewear fashionable, comfortable, and available in a broader range of sizes.

Marketing That Connects

Skims’ marketing also deserves credit for effectively promoting the brand’s image. Campaigns frequently feature diverse models showing that Skims is designed for women of all shapes and sizes. This makes customers feel seen and connected on an emotional level.

Seeing the products on different body types better represents how items might fit. Skims also promote loungewear as comfortable, high-quality basics rather than just underwear. This normalizes wearing shapewear more regularly.

Consistent Innovation

Rather than being a one-hit wonder, Skims has stayed relevant through constant new product launches. Collections now include lounge sets, bras, underwear, and swimwear, with new colors and fabrics introduced each season. Limited edition items help maintain buzz and demand.

Skims has also tapped into successful collaborations with luxury brands like Fendi and hotels like the Four Seasons. These partnerships elevate Skims and introduce it to new audiences. However, the brand avoids overextending itself by keeping its core focus on shapewear and intimates.

Not Without Controversy

Skims’ success story has been smooth, however. The brand faced backlash when it originally named Kimono, accused of cultural appropriation. Some have also criticized Skims’ limited size range as not genuinely embodying the diversity in its ads.

There have also been complaints about quality issues and reviews saying the products don’t work as promised. This serves as a reminder not to take marketing claims at face value. Independent consumer research is still essential.

Kim’s First Real Hit?

While Kim Kardashian has lent her name to many brands over the years, Skims is arguably her first venture to find mainstream success. Past products like her KKW beauty line or mobile game have ridden her celebrity coattails with little substance.

Skims proves Kim’s business potential by committing to a well-researched concept instead of a quick money grab. However, the jury is still unsure whether her brands can thrive long-term after the initial hype fades. Sustaining success will require keeping a finger on the pulse of evolving consumer needs.

In summary, Skims has tapped into apparent customer demand that outpaces accusations of it being merely celebrity-endorsed shapewear. Still, time will tell whether the brand can maintain relevance in the years to come.


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