Who is Lauren Wood and why is she famous? She is more than the ex of Odell Beckham.




Lauren Wood is an American model, influencer, and actress who has gained fame through her relationship with NFL star Odell Beckham Jr. As Beckham’s girlfriend, Wood has received significant media attention and has built up her own following on social media

Now he is dating KIm K?.Like what, what a downgrade. This woman is so overrated and so not kind. I cant imagine he would be interested in this rich but cheap woman and what a disgrace for Lauren Wood. 

In this lengthy blog post, we will look in-depth at Wood’s background, career achievements, relationship with Beckham, and recent news that the couple is expecting their first child together. From her early modeling days to her current influencer status, we will cover all the critical details about this Instagram star on the rise.

Background and Early Life

Lauren Wood was born in March 1993 in Houston, Texas. She was raised in Houston alongside her two sisters. Wood has not publicly shared too many details about her family and upbringing, preferring to keep that aspect of her life private. However, we know that fitness and health were essential values that she was born with.

Wood first started modeling as a teenager. With her natural good looks and physique, she was soon picked up by talent agencies and started booking gigs. In her late teens, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue modeling full-time and expand her career opportunities.

Once in LA, Wood quickly made a name for herself by working with a number of high-profile brands like Nike, Fashion Nova, and more. Her career started taking off as she entered her early 20s.

Rise to Fame on Wild ‘N Out

Wood’s big break came in 2015 when she was cast on Season 6 of the hit improv comedy show Wild ‘N Out on MTV. The series, hosted by Nick Cannon, pits two teams of comedians against each other in various improvised games and comedy sketches.

Wood was brought on as one of the Wild ‘N Out Girls, frequently participating in sketches and comedic bits. Her personality shone through, and she quickly became a fan favorite. She returned for Season 7 the following year, further building her fame and profile.

Being on Wild ‘N Out allowed Wood to show off more of her fun, playful side. She went from mainly modeling to displaying her skills as an entertainer. Her appearances on the show introduced her to a broader audience and gave her the platform to grow her social media following.

In fact, Wood’s fame rose so much that she was voted the “Favorite Girl” by Wild ‘N Out fans multiple times. This validated her as a breakout star from the show.

Continued Acting and Modeling Career

After two seasons on Wild ‘N Out, Wood continued to leverage her newfound celebrity and expand her resume. She started booking more acting roles and modeling gigs.

In 2017, she appeared in an episode of Ballers, the hit HBO show starring Dwayne Johnson. She played the minor role of a cocktail waitress, but it was still a credit that raised her profile.

Around the same time, Wood collaborated with various fashion and makeup brands as an influencer. She partnered with companies like Fashion Nova, Novex Hair Care, and Coco & Breezy to promote products on Instagram.

Her large following allowed her to make a lucrative career as an influencer. She also supplemented her income through partnerships and sponsorships.

Additionally, Wood continued modeling and landed shoots with GQ, Maxim, and Esquire. Thanks to her Wild ‘N Out fame, Instagram popularity, and natural photogenic looks, she was very much in demand.

All of this propelled the next stage of her career as she entered her mid-20s.

Relationship with Odell Beckham Jr.

Around this time in 2018-2019, Wood started a relationship with NFL superstar Odell Beckham Jr. TMZ first broke the news that the two were dating in January 2019 after they were spotted together on vacation.

Beckham was coming off a trade that sent him from the New York Giants to the Cleveland Browns. As one of the biggest names in the NFL, his love life was constantly in the spotlight.

Once their relationship was public, Wood and Beckham became a celebrity power couple. Beckham had signed a 5-year, $90 million contract, making him the highest-paid receiver in the NFL at the time.

Wood could travel on private jets with Beckham to exotic vacation destinations. They also attended star-studded events like the Met Gala, where their status as an “It couple” was cemented.

Wood frequently cheered on Beckham from the stands during Browns games over the next few seasons. She was undoubtedly his number one fan, supporting him through injuries and team changes.

Having such a high-profile boyfriend raised Wood’s fame immensely. Being with Beckham gained her a new level of exposure and plenty of media coverage as an NFL WAG.

While the glitz and glamour were nice perks, the two shared a genuine connection. They appeared happy together off the field and comfortable sharing aspects of their relationship online.

After nearly two years of dating, Beckham decided to take the next step by proposing to Wood. In November 2020, he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Naturally, she said yes.

Beckham later shared photos from the proposal and engagement ring online. It was estimated that the enormous diamond ring cost nearly $2 million.

They seem to have broken up in private. Neither Odell nor Lauren publicly announced their split, but sources told TMZ in September 2023 that it happened at the beginning of the year. At this moment he seems to be dating or hanging out with the famous KIMK

Pregnancy Announcement

The fairytale hit its peak in late 2021 when Wood and Beckham revealed that they were going to have a baby.

In November 2021, Wood posted gorgeous maternity photos on Instagram where she debuted her baby bump. The picturesque snaps showed the couple cuddling in a field of flowers.

Wood captioned the photos with “Ilyilyily” and a red heart emoji, tagging Beckham. His comment read “My gift from God” with emojis including a heart, a kissing face, and a pregnant woman.

The pregnancy announcement racked up over 1.5 million likes on Instagram and made headlines across entertainment news outlets. After two years together, the stars were starting a family.

Based on the timeline, their baby is due sometime around Spring 2022. From the caption clues, they will have a baby girl.

The news came right after Beckham had been released by the Browns and signed with the Los Angeles Rams. Having a child on the way marks an extra exciting – and stressful – time in his football career.

Nonetheless, it’s clear from their loving posts that Wood and Beckham are overjoyed to become parents. Welcoming their first child together represents a new phase in their high-profile relationship.

Life Today

Wood continues working as a model and influencer with over 1.7 million Instagram followers. She frequently posts sexy selfies along with photos flaunting her designer wardrobe and lavish lifestyle.

Of course, pregnancy content has now taken over her feed. She shares bump photos and style inspiration for moms-to-be.

Wood remains very active and health-focused, even while pregnant. She posts her daily workout routines, providing fitness motivation to fans. Staying in shape has always been important to her.

It’s clear that Wood will continue using her platform to partner with brands and promote products she loves. She tags various fashion, beauty, nutrition, and wellness companies in sponsored content.

With a baby on the way, Wood is embracing the pregnant glow-up. She seems excited to take on motherhood and share that experience with followers. The glamorous influencer life will look a bit different soon.

As for her famous beau, Beckham is currently playing for the LA Rams on a 1-year deal. His contract expires after the 2022 season ends.

There is speculation about his NFL future – retirement, staying in LA, or joining another team. Wood will support him wherever he goes every step of the way.

After enjoying her lavish NFL WAG lifestyle, Wood may have to adjust if Beckham decides to retire from football soon. Either way, their lives will change dramatically with a little one in the picture.


To summarize, Lauren Wood has made a name for herself through modeling, reality TV, influencing, and high-profile relationships. She manages to lead a glamorous life in the spotlight while preparing to take on motherhood.

Wood has come a long way from her early days as an aspiring model from Texas. She has evolved into a social media star boasting over a million followers.

While her relationship with Odell Beckham Jr. has played a significant role in her fame, Wood has shown she is much more than just an NFL girlfriend. She is an entertainer, entrepreneur, and soon-to-be mom with a passion for health and fitness. She is a famous influencer wth a lot of collabs. Unfortunately they have broken up in private. If Loren is a millionaire is not sure. Some web sources say she is some say not. We keep an eye on her. 

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