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He I see a Gorilla! Are you one? A wealthy one?

So the Wealthy Gorilla, what is it? A very popular and famous blog by Dan Western.

Who doesn’t want a proper guideline for achieving success and happiness? The Wealthy Gorilla is a blog that inspired us to start blogging on iammandyb. Together with the blog of Joel Brown, addicted2success.com.

Here are some facts about this popular blog/business: Wealthy Gorilla

How It Began

A website created by Dan Western who used to hesitate to speak and put confidence in the work is quite amazing. Wealthy Gorilla is all about revealing famous figures, life, business strategies, etc.It started small but became more allround later on.

The owner started his blog back in 2014 when he was only 19. So he was still young. The main purpose behind creating the website was to share the author’s journey, experience, work life, and tricks to success. But after getting so much response, the site has now started highlighting public figures and facts about them. They give advice on business, websites, self improvement, as well as motivational videos, pictures, quotes and more.

This is most popular on the we nowadays.

Theory Behind Wealthy Gorilla

The main theory behind blogging on famous persons is to motivate others who are not getting to see the face of success. You can feel a push in your life when you hear someone is achieving what he or she was looking for by pure dedication. When you regularly read success stories, you will surely want to see yourself in a good position.

Mental Health Improving

On this blog you can also find some posts to improve your mental health too.

The author, was also a failure at some point. He accepted his failures and looked to move forward with a new pace. He kept motivating himself and tried to stay strong mentally throughout his journey to come to this position.

Thus, it is obvious that Dan’s self motivating ways can be perfect exercises for us. That is why he is also sharing his personal ideas apart from theories, stats, and stories.

Achievements of the Wealth Gorilla blog

Within a short period of time, they were featured by several top platforms and online publishers like The Sun, Forbes, etc.

They have several other sister concern blogs such as Gaming Gorilla and Vaping Gorilla. The total view of these sites crosses twenty million every month. It is hard to imagine how much Dan’s earning from these sites’ monthly revenue is.

The website has 3 million unique visitors a month. Like what? This makes him a lot of money of advertising. Like 100.000 a month probably when he uses Mediavine or Adhtrive and then he makes also money with sponsored content. This man is rich now because of his famous blog!

His net worth in 2022? 5 million!

There are tons of blogs and channels showing the right path to success. But there is none like WG that shows real-life experiences and comparisons.

Wealthy Gorilla: one to read and watch!

Get the Gorilla spirit! Hustle for it!


mandy b.
mandy b.https://iammandyb.com
Founder, owner, writer Iammandyb.com & artistheat.com (coming up this summer)
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