Wednesday likes breaking records, and it breaks the week!




Wednesday is a great day. It breaks the working week in half. It just breaks the week. I hope the weekend has something exciting in mind cause the Tuesday (its a boring day, like all other days) mood is here for ever.

Wednesday is breaking Netflix records. Curious what new show/movie/serie is going to top them. Something original maybe, something new. I hope I inspired some moviemaker/creative director to make the nobody knows what next day brings, it just keeps us going. Its provocative. #staystrongteamcreative #teamwednesdaybreakstheweek.

The better your ideas and creations, the more hate. Being creative is not that fun actually.

I hope you like my blonde look (its a bit different then usual). But I like to Dress up and make me pretty (well I did not do this make-up look myself;)). I love thinking of things though but I am not the make-up artist (im trying though). Practicing my skills and getting better everyday.

I have some new ideas already, stay tuned.

Get your t-shirt here and show your original Wednesday look. 







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mandy b.
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