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Underrated Influencers Who Deserve More Attention and recognition for their creative work.




Some influencers who deserve more recognition and attention for their creative work.

Its always the same famous influencers in the news. Time for some smalle niche influencers that work hard to take over and get the attention they deserve.

In the fast world of social media, it is easy for talented individuals to go unnoticed, overshadowed by noise and competition. These underrated influencers possess unique skills and perspectives, yet they often struggle to gain the attention they deserve. In this blog post, we will spotlight a few remarkable individuals who are making a significant impact in their respective fields but have yet to receive the recognition they merit. Let us discover the stories and talents of iammandyb, Susan Santoro, Krista Hooper, Rebecca Pytell, Bonnie Taudbix, Talia Koren, and Bunmi.

1.iammandyb: Sharing Joy and Positivity

He thats me! But yes I think im underrated and deserve more recognition for my hard work and creativity and no thats not arrogant. Sometimes you just got more then others and you are waiting to get what you deserve. iammandyb, a blogger and influencer on Facebook and Twitter, known for sharing joy and positivity, goes beyond spreading happiness and offers a unique perspective on the fashion and beauty industry. She is different, creative and ambitious. Her fashion blogs provide information about the latest trends, style tips, and insider knowledge of the fashion world. Whether you are a fashion lover or looking for inspiration, iammandyb’s platform is a go-to resource for all things fashion and beauty. Her ability to effortlessly incorporate tomboy looks into her style repertoire sets her apart, proving that technology has no boundaries and can be a source of self-expression for everyone. She inspires others to embrace their style and find confidence in their unique fashion choices by showcasing her tomboy-inspired outfits.

While iammandyb’s fashion content is undeniably captivating, her true impact lies in her ability to spread joy and positivity to her audience. Through her uplifting messages and relatable stories, she creates a safe space for individuals to find inspiration, motivation, and a sense of belonging. In a world that can often feel lovable and negative, iammandyb’s content is a beacon of light, reminding us to appreciate the little things, practice self-love, and cultivate gratitude. Her infectious energy and genuine enthusiasm for life make her a refreshing presence on social media, leaving a lasting impact on those who come across her content.

2.Susan Santoro: The Master Organizer

Susan Santoro is a true master of organization, and her expertise in decluttering and creating functional spaces is unparalleled. Susan shares her wealth of knowledge through her YouTube channel and social media platforms, providing practical tips, storage solutions, and organizational strategies. Her content resonates with individuals who seek to transform chaotic environments into harmonious havens, helping them create order and find peace amidst the clutter. Susan’s down-to-earth approach and ability to simplify complex tasks make her an invaluable resource for anyone looking to declutter their lives and maximize their space. What sets Susan Santoro apart is her genuine passion for organization. She is dedicated to assisting others in achieving a feeling of serenity and efficiency in their life because she enjoys what she does.

Her content goes beyond mere tidying tips; it delves into the psychology behind the organization, addressing the emotional and mental benefits of decluttering. Susan understands that a clutter-free space not only promotes physical order but also has a positive impact on mental well-being. Her ability to inspire and guide others in transforming their living spaces is a testament to her expertise and dedication as a professional organizer. Susan Santoro is a true force in the world of organization, and her impact is felt by anyone who aspires to create a more organized and harmonious life.

3. Rebecca Pytell: Elevating Plant-Based Cuisine

Rebecca Pytell, the creative mind behind the blog and YouTube channel Strength and Sunshine, is a trailblazer in plant-based cuisine. Her passion for elevating plant-based cooking goes beyond catering to those following a vegan or gluten-free lifestyle; she aims to inspire food enthusiasts from all walks of life. Rebecca’s culinary creations are not only packed with flavor and creativity, but they also emphasize the use of wholesome ingredients. Through her blog and YouTube videos, she showcases various recipes that prove plant-based eating can be delicious, satisfying, and accessible to everyone. Rebecca’s ability to transform simple ingredients into mouthwatering meals has positioned her as a go-to resource for those seeking healthier and more sustainable eating habits.

What sets Rebecca Pytell apart is her dedication to providing comprehensive resources for plant-based cooking. Her blog and YouTube channel offer more than just recipes; they include helpful cooking tips, ingredient substitutions, and nutritional information. Rebecca’s expertise and attention to detail make her content a valuable reference for individuals at any stage of their plant-based journey. Whether you are a seasoned cook or a culinary novice, Rebecca’s recipes and guidance will inspire you to experience the world of plant-based cuisine and discover its incredible flavors and benefits. Rebecca Pytell’s commitment to elevating plant-based cuisine is revolutionizing how we perceive and enjoy food, one delicious recipe at a time.

4. Bonnie Taudbix: Mental Health Awareness and Advocacy

Bonnie Taudbix is a remarkable influencer who fearlessly speaks about mental health and advocates for greater awareness and support. Through her social media platforms, Bonnie shares her experiences and provides valuable resources to help others navigate their mental health journeys. Her vulnerability and authenticity create a safe and relatable space for individuals struggling with mental well-being. Bonnie’s willingness to have difficult conversations and break the mental health stigma is commendable.

What sets Bonnie Taudbix apart is her unwavering commitment to growing a sense of community and support. She actively engages with her audience, offering encouragement, empathy, and understanding. Bonnie’s content addresses various mental health topics, including anxiety, depression, self-care, and self-acceptance. By sharing her struggles and triumphs, she reminds others they are not alone in their experiences. Bonnie Taudbix’s work in reducing stigma and advocating for mental health awareness is a beacon of hope and inspiration for individuals seeking support and understanding in their mental health journeys.

5. Talia Koren: Goal Setting and Productivity

Talia Koren is a leading expert in goal setting and productivity, empowering individuals to maximize their potential and streamline their lives. As the founder of Workweek Lunch, Talia offers practical strategies for setting achievable goals, managing time effectively, and creating sustainable routines. Her platform provides a wealth of resources, including blog articles, online courses, and coaching services, all aimed at helping individuals achieve work-life balance and personal growth. Talia’s expertise in productivity is complemented by her emphasis on meal prepping and healthy living, recognizing that nourishing oneself is essential for optimal performance and overall well-being.

Her comprehensive approach to goal setting and productivity sets Talia Koren apart. She recognizes that success is not limited to professional achievements alone; it encompasses various aspects of life, including health, relationships, and self-care. Talia’s insights and methodologies enable individuals to prioritize their goals, develop effective strategies, and overcome obstacles. Her passion for helping others to live the best lives shines through in her content, which is both practical and inspiring. Talia Koren is a guiding light for those seeking to enhance their productivity, achieve their goals, and lead fulfilling and balanced lives.


Underrated influencers like iammandyb, Susan Santoro, Krista Hooper, Rebecca Pytell,  Talia Koren, and Bunmi make a difference in their fields, yet they often fly under the radar. By bringing attention to these talented individuals, we have the chance to support their work and benefit from the unique perspectives they offer. Let us celebrate these underrated influencers and help them receive the recognition they deserve.


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