They say its a no GO. Who are they? I say its a win-win. Both winners brands. Be yourself. Do whatever you like.





Where an Adidas dress meets Panda Nikes.

Both dope, but can they go together? The people say no. Its a no go in the fashion world at least some people say that. They are competitors. Like so what?

But why follow the crowd? Make your own fashion rules.

I say its 2 dope brands matched up. A win-win match. The winners brands.

Get your Panda nikes here.

And your Adidas Oringals t-shirt dress for the ladies here!

#gogetthewinwinlook #bedifferent #beyou

Mandy B.
Mandy B.https://iammandyb.com
Explore the world of MandyB, a 32-year-old entrepreneur, writer, and creative director. Follow along as she plays dress-up and shares her journey of making herself pretty while diving into entrepreneurship and creativity.
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