Starting a blog in 2023 is actually a good idea. Read here why.




In a world full of Instagram influencers its not a bad idea to start a blog in 2023. Why is this?

So do you also that blogging is a good way in 2023 to make money online? To earn passive income and to become famous? Then take this course and become blog famous. 

Everyone wants to be an influencer on the gram, but its really hard nowadays. People buy likes and followers and companies will see this. This way you won’t get collabs with brands. Even the famous celebs like Ariana Grande and Kylie Jenner have a lot of bought followers and likes. 300 million? Like really? Its a way of making yourself bigger and more important then you really are. This is someone a lot of celebs do nowadays.

If you were since the start on Instagram in 2010 you probably have thousands of followers now (like 500k for example) but if you just starting new last year of this year you probably got just a few thousand followers. With just 5000 followers you are not going to make big bucks with your account. There are too many influencers with a bigger reach. You maybe will get free products to promote. But this is not what you want right? You want to make a living online.

So how do you still create content, pictures and written content that gets seen and noticed? How do you still make money online? By starting a blog in 2023!

Yes blogging is back. But it is different then before. You need to handle it differently. Not just blog only about your personal mommy life for example. No focus on content that people search for. You need to do keyword research. You need to write original content. Content that Google loves. The better you content, the more Google traffic. But don’t forget social media. You can advertise on Facebook for example and grow your likes. This way you find people that will keep coming back to your blog for your new content or pictures.

Write for example when you start a fashion & beauty blog like ours, about popular products people search for. Example Fenty Beauty, Kylie Cosmetics, Huda Beauty, but also write about SKIMS from Kim Kardashian. Write about the brands of famous celebrities. Become famous with your blog because of their products. Good idea right? This is what a lot of people do on Youtube, but you can also do it on your blog.

THink you can’t get bigger then for example the Glamour? Wrong. Its all about the marketing strategy and the content strategy.

Blogging can make you a lot of money. Once you reach 50.000 unique visitors a month (after a few years) you can add Mediavine and earn like 15 dollar for 1000 pageviews. It all depends on your niche. Finance/money blogs make money and can make you even 30 dollar for every 1000 pageviwws.

Also you can sign up for blogging platforms and make money with sponsored content. There are a lot of platforms for sponsored content. Next to that, you can think of affiliate marketing and selling your own products. Try to reach 100.000 unique visitors in 5 years. Boom, thats really a lot and can make you 3000-5000 dollar a month, if not more.

But just start with a nice design, no boring free WordPress theme design. Make it original and different then other magazines/blogs. Then focus on the right keywords and content and keep writing every week. Hire a SEO specialist and let the traffic come in. I think blogging is the perfect way to make a fulltime income, even in 2022. You can make much more with it then with influencing on the gram. It is way harder nowadays on Instagram

So what are you waiting for? Start a blog in 2023 and get a fulltime income after 4/5 years. You can do it!

Don’t forget to get a dope designed WordPress blog. You can get it here for 200 dollars, more then enough!

Source: own experience with blogging and instagram. Source image: Unsplash

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mandy b.
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