She blue (a bit manly) or pink (female type), Or just a bit of both? im a mix, a tomboy lady.




Some masculine energy (blue) with some female energy.

You prefer the blue or the pink?

Kiss for the one who do like my little magazine and my ideas!

So what is a tomboy lady? I think I am one, but maybe you have no idea what this is.

A “tomboy” lady refers to a woman or girl who exhibits characteristics or behaviors traditionally associated with boys. This term encompasses a wide range of traits and interests, often including a preference for physical activities, sports, and clothing typically considered masculine. A tomboy might enjoy playing sports, climbing trees, or engaging in rough-and-tumble play, activities culturally stereotyped as more suitable for boys. She might also prefer wearing pants, sneakers, and loose-fitting clothing over dresses and skirts.

The concept of a tomboy challenges conventional gender norms, highlighting the fluidity of gender expression. Tomboyish behavior can be a natural expression of a girl’s personality and interests, rather than a statement about her gender identity or sexual orientation. While the term “tomboy” has traditionally been used to describe young girls, it can apply to women of any age who display similar traits.

Historically, the term “tomboy” dates back to the 16th century, initially used to describe boisterous boys before shifting to its current meaning in the 19th century. Despite its long-standing use, the term can be both empowering and limiting. For some, identifying as a tomboy offers a sense of freedom from restrictive gender expectations. For others, it can feel like a label that oversimplifies their complex identity.

In contemporary discourse, the idea of a tomboy is evolving. Gender roles are increasingly recognized as social constructs, leading to greater acceptance of diverse gender expressions. The rise of gender-neutral fashion and the growing support for non-binary and gender-fluid identities reflect this shift. Consequently, while the term “tomboy” still resonates with many, it is also part of a broader conversation about dismantling rigid gender norms and embracing individuality.

Overall, a tomboy lady embodies a blend of traits that defy traditional gender categorizations, celebrating a more inclusive and flexible understanding of identity and self-expression.

So what are your thought about this? Am I a tomboy?

mandy b.
mandy b.
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