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So who are the richest Indian bloggers of 2023? To be honest It was hard finding it. Its like the Indians don”t like to talk about their net worth and income..

We already wrote an article about famous and popular Indian bloggers, but are they also the richest ones?

As you probably know, blogging is a passive income source and a million dollars game. Do you want to make your career in blogging and want to know how much money a blogger can make? Are you searching for the top bloggers and wanna know how much money they are making and their net worth? Here we will talk about the 3 richest Indian bloggers and reveal the net worth they build from blogging (as far as we could find it though).

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Here are a few rich bloggers:(the top 3)in 2023.


The Number 1 Indian blogger is Amit Agrawal.

Curious to know who Amit Agrawal is and why he is so famous? Then read on.

Amit Agrawal is often known as the father of blogging. He is the champion in the blogging field. He was born on February 5, 1977, in New Dehli. He has an interest in technology and IT. He started Computer Science IIT Rookie, and he just passed his class 10. He belongs to a business family. So, he doesn’t have a financial crisis at that time. We are not born in a business family.We do this all alone. Its kinda hard sometimes.

In 2004, he joined a well-known company called Goldman Sachs. He had an excellent post at that company, but soon he realized that blogging would be a goldmine for him and his future, So he decided to run a blog and resigned from the company. He started his blog in 2004. His first website was

He started writing about his interest-related topic, which is IT. He writes many blogs about advanced technologies and software. At that time, hardly people know about blogging and websites. That means there was no competition on that field. That’s why he started making an excellent profit from his first blog. So, he had a perfect start-up. Now its more difficult. There are many bloggers out there on the web.

This blogger is worth 5 million but some websites (internet) say that he is worth more. Its a lot of money though.

2. Pritam Nargrale 

Pritam is ranking at level two. This is a genius marketer, blogger, YouTuber and entrepreneur. He was born and raised in Kota; after he graduated from LIT Nagpur, He started his first blog in 2004. The blog became so famous. He worked online and earned a handsome amount when internet making or online earning was not so popular in India so he was there in the early days. Now its more difficult for sure. The competition is killing. On his website,, he started sharing information on how to save money, make money, and different methods, tricks, and tips. He also has another blog: On this blog you will find content on various topics including making money ideas, career & education tips, different career options, business ideas etc. He is also running a digital marketing training center DMatic Digital in Mumbai where they have a unique approach to teach digital marketing.

We cant find anywhere how much he is worth but we do know he is making thousands of dollars every month with his companies. So lets say he is worth 1 million in 2023.

3. Harsh Agrawal

Harsh Agrawal is a blogger, author and a speaker and well known blogger/entrepreneur from India. He is an engineer by education. But what is education in 2023? Nothing. You can learn yourself everything. It is all about mindset and dedication. We learned blogging and about marketing with this course. THE DO IT YOURSELF SPIRIT.

Like many others, he started blogging as a part-time job but it grow in much more. He gradually became interested in blogging and started spending lots more time on it. 

He started blogging on in 2008 and it become a million dollar blog. He helps others become free from a boss and make a living from blogging. On, he writes abaout topics related to blogging, seo, making money, web hosting, affiliate marketing, and social media marketing. Next to this blog he also has some niche-specific blogs and his own personal blog He seems like a good human and real inspiration for every blogger and big dreamer around the world. Would love to meet him and build more businesses together.

We can not find anything about his net worth in 2023. He is probably worth millions but we are not sure. His net worth is estimated to be between 1 million and 5 million dollars in 2023 on the web. But we could not find exact numbers.

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