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Ranking the stars. Looks, personality. How many stars you ranking me? Tell me!




He there. I love this rainbow star dress. I am ready for pride season. Im very open minded and respect other type of people.

Ranking the stars. Looks? Personality? How many stars do you want to give me?

I say personality can be a high ranking. Im a kind, friendly and ambitious person. but looks can be better I think? I have to work on my body, especially that belly. plastic surgery? BECOMING A KIMK PERSON? uhhhh…they are everywhere on the gram and they all find me annoying because I dont want to be a dupe!

So what is a star? To be honest Kim Kardashian is the most famous celebrity and yes she works hard, but talented? No!

Being called a “star” typically signifies recognition of exceptional talent, achievement, or influence in a particular field. This designation goes beyond ordinary success, indicating a level of excellence and impact that sets an individual apart from their peers.

In the entertainment industry, for instance, a “star” usually refers to someone who has achieved significant fame and acclaim. This could be an actor, musician, or athlete whose performances captivate large audiences and earn critical praise. Their work often garners awards, substantial media coverage, and a devoted fan base. For example, actors who consistently deliver outstanding performances in major films or musicians who produce hit albums and sell out concerts are often deemed stars.

Outside of entertainment, the term can apply to individuals who excel remarkably in their professions. In academia, a star might be a groundbreaking researcher or a highly influential professor whose work has significantly advanced their field. In business, a star could be an innovative entrepreneur or a visionary CEO who has transformed an industry or built a highly successful company. Such individuals often receive accolades, high-profile speaking engagements, and extensive media attention.

Additionally, a star can be someone who shines in their community through exceptional service or leadership. This could be a philanthropist, activist, or public servant who has made substantial contributions to societal well-being. Their efforts might result in meaningful change and inspire others to act, earning them widespread respect and admiration.

Ultimately, being called a star implies more than just success; it reflects a combination of talent, dedication, and impact. A star is someone who not only achieves great things but also inspires and influences others, leaving a lasting mark in their area of expertise. This recognition comes from peers, the public, and often through formal accolades that highlight their extraordinary contributions.



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