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Loewe is one of the world’s most prestigious and iconic luxury fashion houses. With over 175 years of history and craftsmanship, Loewe has become synonymous with exceptional leather goods and ready-to-wear clothing.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or looking to learn more about this storied Spanish fashion house, this guide will provide extensive details on all things Loewe. Let’s begin our deep dive into fantastic craftsmanship and modern luxury.

History and Origins

Loewe was founded in 1846 in Madrid, Spain, by a German artisan named Enrique Loewe Roessberg. Enrique opened a small leather workshop focused on high-quality leather goods and quickly gained a reputation for his exceptional craftsmanship and artisanal production techniques.

1905, Enrique passed the business to his son Ludwig, who helped grow Loewe into a leading leather luxury goods purveyor in Spain and Europe. Loewe held the distinction of being named the “Official Supplier to the Royal Court of Spain”, further elevating its prestige and reputation for unparalleled quality.

Throughout the early-to-mid 1900s, Loewe continued expanding its offerings to include women’s handbags, accessories, perfumes, and eventually ready-to-wear clothing. The first Loewe store outside of Spain opened in Paris in 1961. In the 1980s, Loewe began opening more international stores and grew into one of the most coveted luxury brands in the world.

In 1996, Loewe was acquired by the French luxury conglomerate LVMH, which helped finance the brand’s continued global expansion. While still retaining its core identity rooted in Spanish craftsmanship, Loewe has evolved into a modern luxury fashion house under LVMH’s stewardship.

Loewe’s Brand Identity and Values

At its core, Loewe prides itself on artistic craftsmanship, innovative design, and timeless pieces made from the finest materials. Their logo features an anagram of the brand’s name, highlighting the overlapping letters “L” and “O”, representing the interlacing of modernity with tradition.

Some of Loewe’s fundamental brand values include:

  • Expert Craftsmanship – Loewe has perfected the art of leather working and hand craftsmanship over its long history. Their products showcase expert-level skill and uncompromising quality.
  • Artistic Expression – Loewe embraces creative freedom and artistic expression. Their designs feature unique details and forward-thinking silhouettes.
  • Modern Luxury – While honoring its heritage, Loewe also embodies a contemporary sensibility appealing to today’s luxury consumer.
  • Innovation – Loewe continuously pushes boundaries through leather treatments, new fabrication techniques, and reinventing classic styles.
  • Enduring Quality – Made with the finest leathers and materials, Loewe products stand the test of time and become modern heirlooms.
  • Spanish Soul – Loewe proudly represents the best Spanish craftsmanship on the global luxury stage.

These brand values are instilled in every Loewe product, from iconic leather goods to cutting-edge ready-to-wear fashions. Loewe represents heritage perfected for the modern era.

Overview of Loewe Product Offerings

Loewe creates a wide range of luxury products across leather goods, accessories, fragrances, ready-to-wear, eyewear, and homeware. Here is an overview of some of Loewe’s most important product categories:

Handbags and Leather Goods

As leather artisans at their core, Loewe is renowned globally for its exceptional leather handbags spanning iconic classics to new cult favorites. Some of their most coveted styles include:

  • Amazona Bag – Named after the female Amazon warriors, this bag features clean lines and an adjustable silhouette. It remains a Loewe classic after decades in production.
  • Puzzle Bag – Launched in 2015, the puzzle-piece assembled bag has become a massive hit with its fun design and lambskin leather.
  • Flamenco Bag – Crafted in sensuous calfskin, the clutch bag features an unmistakable ruffled silhouette.
  • Gate Bag – With modern origami-inspired folds, the Gate bag is a more recent “it-bag” crafted from supple-grained calfskin.

In addition to women’s handbags, Loewe produces a covetable range of men’s and unisex bags, small leather goods like wallets and card cases, luggage, and accessories. Their iconic anagram logo graces many of the leather items.

Ready-to-Wear Fashion

Loewe launched its first pret-a-porter womenswear collection in 1971 and has grown this category significantly over the ensuing decades. They are now renowned for their women’s luxury ready-to-wear featuring artistic prints, luxurious fabrics, and striking silhouettes.

Creative director Jonathan Anderson helped relaunch Loewe’s menswear collection in 2013, featuring perfectly tailored suits, knitwear, outerwear, and coordinating accessories. The ready-to-wear captures Loewe’s modern yet timeless aesthetic beautifully.

Shoes and Accessories

Beyond their leather goods, Loewe creates coveted shoes and accessories that complete head-to-toe looks. Their footwear ranges from moccasins and loafers to heels and sneakers made from sumptuous leather and suede. Jewelry, silk scarves, and sunglasses round out the accessory, offering artistic details and the finest materials.

Home Decor and Candles

Loewe also leverages its legacy of supreme leather craftsmanship within the home category. Items like leather-covered furniture, pillows, and photo frames allow Loewe luxury in one’s interior space. They’ve also launched a line of luxury scented candles formulated in Grasse, France, that beautifully scent any room.

Special Collaborations and Capsules

Loewe is renowned for their artistic, unique collaborations and capsule collections. Some of their most notable partnerships include:

  • William De Morgan – Handmade ceramics capsule inspired by the renowned Victorian-era pottery designer.
  • Studio Ghibli – Whimsical capsule collection featuring imagery from beloved Japanese animation house films like My Neighbor Totoro.
  • Paula’s Ibiza – Vibrant handcrafted leather goods reflecting the free-spirited Spanish island.
  • Dumbo – Playful leather accessories and ready-to-wear with motifs from the classic Disney film.

Each collaboration allows Loewe to explore new creative territory and often gains cult-like followings.

The Evolution of Loewe Under Jonathan Anderson

When Irish designer Jonathan Anderson was appointed Loewe’s creative director in 2013, he helped usher in an exciting new era for the brand. Anderson’s cutting-edge yet culturally aware approach made Loewe feel relevant among a new generation of luxury consumers.

Some of his most notable contributions include:

Relaunching Ready-to-Wear

Anderson immediately impacted Loewe’s ready-to-wear by honing in on a modern minimalist aesthetic while maintaining sight of the brand’s DNA. His collections featured clean lines yet artistic details on pieces ranging from streetwear-influenced items to more avant-garde creations. Anderson also notably launched Loewe’s first-ever menswear collection.

New Handbag Classics

Several iconic Loewe handbag lines like the Gate and Puzzle Bag emerged under Anderson’s creative watch. He could respect house codes while injecting renewed energy into leather goods. Interestingly, Anderson also initiated using rough-edged canvas on luxury bags, which felt fresh.

Artful Collaborations

Some of Loewe’s most buzzed-about collaborations with artists, pop culture icons, and brands came together under Jonathan Anderson’s steerage. His creative pairs felt exciting yet authentic to the Loewe heritage.

Brand Positioning

Anderson helped reposition Loewe as one of the edgier and more forward-thinking heritage luxury houses—the advertising campaigns and brand touchpoints all aligned with this artistic modern vision that expanded their audience.

Thanks to Jonathan Anderson’s influential tenure, Loewe has become one of the most directional high-fashion houses merging innovation and craft. He left an indelible mark on Loewe’s evolution for the new era.

Loewe Marketing and Advertising Campaigns

Loewe is renowned for its highly artistic and cinematically crafted advertising campaigns that align with its brand identity. Here we explore some of their most memorable visual marketing initiatives:

Brand Campaigns

  • Summer Scents 2021 – This campaign highlighted Loewe’s fragrances against colourful, surreal imagery of beaches and oceans.
  • Show in a Box 2020 – With in-person shows cancelled due to the pandemic, Loewe created an experience-in-a-box sent to guests, including clothes, videos, and souvenirs.
  • Classics Reissued 2020 – Loewe tapped iconic muses to portray its core products like the Amazona bag and Paula’s Ibiza collection.
  • The LOEWE FOUNDATION Craft Prize 2020 – Each year, Loewe promotes their prestigious craft competition through videos and advertisements.

Fragrance Campaigns

  • Chance EDT 2022 – Zoe Kravitz was tapped as the campaign face surrounded by magical, dream-like scenes.
  • Solo Tropical Fragrance 2021 – Amanda Seyfried appeared in a campaign inspired by the vibrancy of Costa Rican rainforests.
  • 7 Loewe Fragrances 2020 – To showcase the brand’s rich perfume portfolio, Loewe enlisted a diverse cast against minimalist backdrops.

Ambassador Partnerships

Loewe has aligned with an impressive roster of brand ambassadors across celebrities, artists, and models who perfectly encapsulate the Loewe spirit. Notable ambassadors include:

  • Actor Charlize Theron
  • Model and activist Arizona Muse
  • Literary icon Margaret Atwood
  • Actress Jessica Chastain
  • Model and artist Erin O’Connor
  • Model and activist Adwoa Aboah

By selecting ambassadors from various fields who share Loewe’s passion for arts and culture, the brand can authentically promote its mission worldwide.

Celebrities and Influencers Supporting Loewe

Given its position as one of the most coveted luxury houses, Loewe has earned a loyal following from A-list celebrities and influencers.

Some of the biggest celebrity fans frequently spotted carrying Loewe handbags or donning their ready-to-wear include:

  • Beyoncé
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Kate Moss
  • Katie Holmes
  • Julianne Moore
  • Rihanna
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Nicole Kidman
  • Sienna Miller

Top social media influencers and models who proudly promote Loewe include:

  • Chiara Ferragni
  • Gilda Ambrosio
  • Veronika Heilbrunner
  • Camille Charriere
  • Xenia Adonts
  • Leonie Hanne
  • Blanca Miro

The organic love for the brand among top celebrities and influencers further fuels Loewe’s desirability and prestige worldwide.

Loewe Foundation and Craftsmanship Initiatives

Beyond creating luxury goods, Loewe also prides itself on efforts to support the arts, culture, and design crafts through two key initiatives:

Loewe Foundation

Founded in 1988 by Enrique Loewe’s grandson, Viscount Charles de Miramon Fitz-James Stuart, this non-profit foundation funds creative projects across four core areas:

  • Craft Prize – The Loewe annual international award to recognise excellence in craft (detailed further below)
  • Culture – Support of programs sustaining cultural heritage in the arts, poetry, and more
  • Dance – Grants for innovative dance companies and choreographers
  • Fashion – Scholarships and awards to nurture emerging fashion talent

The Loewe Foundation has provided over $10 million in grants to creatives worldwide.

Loewe Craft Prize

First launched in 2016, this annual prize spotlights and celebrates artisans who demonstrate exceptional craftsmanship and innovation. The goal is to promote future sustainability and new vitality within craft disciplines that integrate modernity and traditional techniques.

The Craft Prize is open to artisans across all craft fields, including jewelry, ceramics, lacquer, and more. The winner receives a cash prize and a particular project to collaborate on with Loewe’s artisans. Runners-up and finalists also receive grants and recognition.

The Loewe Craft Prize has helped shine a global spotlight on keeping craft traditions thriving via new applications and visions.

Loewe Retail Locations and Where to Buy

As a global luxury brand, Loewe operates over 250 retail locations worldwide, along with e-commerce. Here is an overview of where to find Loewe boutiques and products:

Flagship Stores

Some of Loewe’s premier flagship locations where all their latest collections are carried include:

  • Madrid, Spain – The four-level Madrid store is Loewe’s largest boutique and a must-see temple to the brand.
  • London, England – The prestigious Bond Street location carries the full range of Loewe goods.
  • Paris, France – A grand duplex on Rue Saint Honoré displays the Loewe world.
  • New York, USA – The Madison Avenue boutique in NYC opened in 2017 and reflects its minimalist luxury aesthetic.
  • Tokyo, Japan – Ginza’s new five-story boutique highlights Loewe’s growing prominence in Asia.

Department Stores

Select luxury department stores worldwide house Loewe boutiques and merchandise, including Harrods, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, Isetan, and SKP Beijing.


Those wishing to browse and shop Loewe can do so conveniently at their Loewe.com website, which ships internationally. Luxury e-tailers like Net-a-Porter, Farfetch, and Matches Fashion also carry Loewe.

With abundant options across five continents, Loewe makes their beautiful handcrafted pieces accessible to devotees globally.

Loewe Pricing and Cost Overview

As a heritage luxury brand, Loewe sits at the upper end of the price spectrum in keeping with its positioning. To provide context, here is an overview of Loewe’s price points across key categories:


  • Classic canvas tote – $1,150
  • Small leather crossbody bag – $1,900
  • Medium leather hobo bag – $3,200
  • Large leather tote – $3,600
  • Exotic leather bag – $5,000+


  • Silk print scarf – $320
  • Leather wallet – $450
  • Designer sunglasses – $360
  • Leather belt – $450


  • Leather flats – $690
  • Leather pumps – $790
  • Leather sandals – $890
  • Calfskin ankle boots – $1,150


  • Cotton t-shirt – $390
  • Printed silk blouse – $990
  • Leather jacket – $3,700
  • Embroidered cocktail dress – $4,900
  • Cashmere coat – $5,500

As illustrated above, Loewe’s pieces range from around $300 for small accessories and items like t-shirts to several thousand dollars for higher-end leather goods and ready-to-wear.

While indeed an indulgence, devotees find Loewe’s pieces worth the price, given their unmatched quality and lasting value over seasons. Investment pieces like bags often even increase in value over the years.


For over 175 years, Loewe has enchanted the world with their artistic vision of modern luxury rooted in supreme craftsmanship.

From their beginnings as a small Spanish leather workshop to today’s global fashion house, Loewe has always stayed true to their heritage while continuously evolving. Their unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and design has solidified Loewe as one of the most prestigious names in luxury.

Under the stewardship of artistic director Jonathan Anderson, Loewe has entered an exciting new chapter that feels bravely creative yet respectful of tradition. The Loewe difference remains clear across their leather goods, ready-to-wear, accessories, and more.

While trends come and go, Loewe endures as a pinnacle of luxury, making each piece feel like a work of art. From their iconic Amazona bags to playful craft collaborations, the brand creates enduring pieces that transcend seasons.

To experience Loewe is to understand the pinnacle possibilities of leatherworking and dedication to the artistic spirit. Loewe will continue sharing their gift of timeless luxury beauty as an immortal house.

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