Is fashionblogging dead in 2023? Here is why we think not.




Is fashion blogging dead in 2023? No its not! But you got to handle it differently. We love fashion (and beauty) blogging, even in 2023.

You can start a fashion blog in 2023, but you have to focus more on good SEO content. Content that Google loves and that ranks,next to posting lovely pictures of your outfits. So make a mix of it! SEO content with beauty looks and fashion posts.

For those who are planning to start a fashion blog and are itching to get an answer to the question “Is fashion blogging dead in 2023?” “No, it is not.” It means that people have noticed the change – fashion blogging, at least as they knew it, no longer exists. Its different now. At least you have to handle it differenly with a change of focus.

Time and social media platforms

Even though it feels like fashion blogging has been around for ages, it has just been a little bit more than a decade since it became a thing. And during that time many social media platforms have gained popularity, the pace of content consumption has changed and obviously, the types of content have changed. Therefore, old-school fashion blogging lost its relevance.

Almost all types of content have become so simple that not only is it easily consumed by people, but the simplicity keeps them hooked as well. That is the main reason why some fashion bloggers have shifted their focus to Instagram or Youtube for example. And since this shift was more than just noticeable the question “Has fashion blogging vanished?” has been asked numerous times.

Why was the change inevitable?

Since nowadays there are so many platforms that allow all creators, including fashion creators, to get their message across far easier than writing a whole blog, people tend to find fashion inspiration on those platforms. Some of them solely depend on Instagram for fashion inspiration, since they can find all the pieces that they like, read about the creator’s opinion, and everything is in one post. Quick and simple. Due to such development of other platforms, the transformation of fashion blogging was inevitable.  It had to become easily digestible with more fun, well-curated visual content.

OG readers

There still are readers, I would like to call them “OG readers”, who would enjoy reading those detailed outfit descriptions and why a certain piece of clothing is so special. However, the number of those readers is not the guarantee of success in fashion blogging nowadays. Since the number of people who enjoy/consume visual content far exceeds the number of “OG readers”. Some fashion bloggers try to please both types of audiences and sometimes provide just visual content, sometimes – long blog posts. If you are planning to dive into fashion blogging, keep in mind that it is always better to truly understand what type of audience gravitates towards your content.

The New Era

Some fashion bloggers understood the significance of the change quite quickly and readjusted to the new scenario. For some, the readjustment meant giving up blogging and focusing on other platforms. Look at fashion influencer Negin Mirsalehi. She mostly focuses on Instagram now. However, there still are some fashion bloggers that changed their blogs a bit and made it readable for the audience that is faced with the abundance of fashion content on a daily basis. Creating collages that are pleasing to the eye and playing with the layout, allows creators to, on the one hand, show what they want to show but, on the other hand, write what they would like to share and let readers absorb it.

Using influence

Back in the old days, being a successful fashion blogger, meant earning a great deal of money and it was the main focus for most fashion creators. The influence that fashion gurus had back then was mostly based on their fashion blogs. Nowadays, the role of fashion blogging has changed a bit. It has become a supporting element of a creator’s career. However, that does not change the fact that those OG fashion bloggers, as well as newbies, have an influence on certain audiences. But managing that influence in a smart way and dividing focus between at least 2 platforms is always a smart idea.

I hope that this article is encouraging for those of you who love reading fashion blogs or are planning to test your luck and start one. Do you love taking pictures?But do you also love to write? Then fashion blogging is for you.

But more importantly, I hope that it helped you understand that it does not matter what type of career path you choose, readiness and willingness to transform and to be open to change as time goes is the secret to success. Focus on SEO content and spread the world that you have a blog. Not only join Instagram, but also Youtube and just start a blog. Make it more like a magazine. It can give you an extra income and is an extra promoting source for your fashion empire.

Looking for cheap but good website developers/designers? Take a look on Fiverr or Upwork. A blog must look nice, but does not have to be very expensive.

Goodluck in 2023 with your blog.

image source: unsplash

mandy b.
mandy b.
Online entrepreneur, writer and creative director. I have many (also Dutch, because I am actually Dutch) blogs, but this is my personal fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog. I like to play dress up & make me pretty. I love fashion and make up, mixing colors, styling, streetart etc. But also give you blogging advice and tell you more about my entrepreneurship journey. Iammandyb is all about Creating things & Caring about others.
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