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Inspiring fashion female entrepreneurs. Who are these women you should know about?




So who are the most inspiring fashion female entrepreneurs in the world? On this blog we also talk about the entrepreneurship lifestyle and other successful brands and blogs. Of course we hope iammandyb will be a huge success and will have millions of traffic. But this is a long term process and requires good content, good marketing etc. It won’t happen overnight. Other magazines and blogs must see you and write something about your blog. This way you will also get more traffic. One our dreams is to launch our own fashionline, but this will take a while and we are hoping on finding financial businesspartner for this. First become a succesful blogger and then you can think of grow your blog with your own fashionline.

So Are you a young lady looking for some inspiration or motivation? Would you like to be the next top female fashion designer? Are you someone who likes helping people and making them feel better about themselves? Whether you’re interested in fashion or not, these stories will inspire you. These women have overcome tough odds to get to where they are today.

Every female has faced the problem of finding clothes that fit correctly. Women make up the majority of fashion entrepreneurs. That’s a fact.  The fashion industry is open to everyone and we surely believe in the fact that behind each successful business there is a woman who pushed her goals, passion and extraordinary creativity to the limits. Women are making huge waves in the fashion industry, and it’s not just a fad, but a movement long overdue.

Just think about the inspiration behind these young women. Think about what drives them. The ideas, the creativity, the hustle… It all starts with a dream. Sometimes that dream is so big that no one can see it but you.

But you must believe in that dream!

Here are 4 inspiring female fashion entrepeneurs you must know:

1.Jenna Lyons

Jenna Lyons is a fashion designer and business personality. But she also has a beauty venture called loveseen. She sells fake lashes and they are iconic. We will try them out soon!!

Jenna Lyons is a versatile and stylish woman who has made a name for herself by making the clothes that she loves to wear. Inspired by her Aunt, she spent her childhood drawing sketches of clothing designs. She then went on to earn a degree in fashion design from the Pratt Institute in New York, where she also served as president of the fashion design club. Following graduation, Lyon worked as an accessories designer for Club Monaco and J. Crew. 

From her early days at J.Crew as a teen through her most recent successes at the helm of her eponymous brand and in collaborations with Warby Parker and Target, Lyons’ ability to improve, refine, and expand traditional designs has earned her success in everything she has done. She is heir to a family legacy, a champion of women’s rights, a beloved public figure, and above all else—an inspiration. Her networth? More than 1 million! A beauty and fashion figure you must know.

2.Sara Blakely

Sara Blakely is an inspirational figure in the world of fashion business, a self-proclaimed success story who makes female entrepreneurs believe anything is possible. As a female self-made Bllionaire, Sara Blakely is an example of success for women the world over.

With just an idea and a little elbow grease, Sara Blakely’s company has seen tremendous growth; she has mastered the art of selling and marketing what she knows people will buy. Despite all these accomplishments, she has remained incredibly humble and down to earth. After working at McCann Erickson and Neiman Marcus, she founded the successful shapewear company, Spanx with a handful of cash and $5,000 worth of savings. Currently, her estimated net worth stands at $1 billion dollars. Spanx is a bit the same as SKIMS. So Kim Kardashian was not the first woman with this great idea. The shapewear company of KIm Kardashian. Read more here below.

3.Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is currently one of the biggest celebrities in the world. Everyone knows this woman. She became famous because of a sextape but now is a successful entrepreneur and social media personality. From her impressive decades-long career to her many marriages, scandals, and headlines; she has continued to pop up in the news more than most anyone else on the planet. She is now an international icon and has virtually changed the Hollywood industry forever. She is best known for her television show called, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” but also for her personality on social media and of course everyone knows this woman because of her fake butt and other plastic surgeries. The Kardashians set the plastic surgery trend. Kim Kardashian broke the internet with her butt multiple times.

She has multiple businesses, Like a fragnance line, an app and a cosmetics line, but in 2019 Kim launched her business SKIMS. Skims is a shapewear line and is worth more then 3 billion now. 

4.Vera Wang

So who is this woman? Some of you fashion lovers will know here of course.

Vera Wang is a world-renowned fashion designer whose own experiences in life have inspired her to devote her talents to the art of making brides feel beautiful on their special day. Who doesnt want to look beautiful on this special day?/

As a fashion icon, she has focused her career on classic, chic designs that have endured. Throughout the years, she has been a staple in high-end fashion—a world where trends change dramatically every year—and has always managed to push forward her own unique style. Today, she is focused on designing understated gowns that can be worn by any bride, no matter the occasion or the price tag. Throughout it all, she has repositioned herself while remaining true to her passion for classic pieces and timeless styles.

Of course there are more female fashion entrepreneurs that are a big success. What do you think of the founder of the clothing company Nastygal? Its Sophia Amuroso! Read more here.

Image: Unsplash

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