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How to identify fashion trends in 2024? Are you curious? Then keep on reading.

Fashion trends represent the popular styles of mainly clothing and accessories at a specific period. It is a social experience where people incline more toward one style of looking and wearing. Some fashion trends live for weeks or months, whereas few others last for longer. For example lesbian fashion is a trend for 2024 and the future. More people are coming out. . Read more here.

If you want to identify fashion trends, you need to be creative, good observant, analytic, and do many industry research. Also, you will need to understand fashion trend forecast or prediction works.

The fashion trend forecast is a process of researching and making predictions on how people will form habits in the future in terms of buying new fashion collections and looking different from previous ones. It includes the trends in design details, silhouettes, colors, fabrics, and trims.

The forecasters involve in studying and evaluating how social, cultural, and environmental changes will influence consumer behavior in the future. As a result, this process looks forward to identifying products and services that consumers are more like to buy.

Many Fashion trend forecasters predict the autumn or winter and spring or summer fashion collections. They also perform Long-term fashion trend prediction and Short-term prediction.

Microtrends like tiny sunglasses and high-waisted denim cycles enter and disappear within months up to a few years. Short-term forecasting or prediction is related to micro trends that change season to season or last within a month or months. It has more to do with style, color, and the effect of current events and pop culture.

However, long-term forecasting is associated with macro trends that evolve over time and last for a more extended period, at least two years. Furthermore, these trends are more associated with lifestyle and demographic changes than the latest fashion designs. Therefore, long-term forecasting represents significant picture trends covering the fashion business, including changes in lifestyle, demographics, and how clothes are manufactured and traded.

The following factors help you identify and forecast fashion trends.

  • Colour
  • Themes
  • Shapes
  • Key Events or Social Movements
  • Social Customs or Target Market

Each brand needs a different approach to forecasting the fashion trend. For example, womenswear brands tend to involve in micro trends as they bring out more collections per year. Fashion trend forecasting also depends on the company’s size and target market. However, there are some other ways for brands to forecast trends.

You can identify the fashion trends in the following way.

Leveraging In-House Trend Forecasters

Many large fast-fashion brands are always vertically integrated, representing in-house forecasting. It means that fashion forecasters work directly with the product development teams to manufacture new products.

Hiring A Trend Forecasting Agency

If large brands are not vertically integrated, they often leverage the forecasting agencies that work with some of the world’s greatest brands and retailers to initiate the future of fashion forecasting.

Observing Fashion Shows and Events

Experts were closely associated with fashion shows to observe the trend before the rise of the internet. They would note the good looks at the events and fetch the information from catwalk to chain-store product developers or fashion magazines like Vogue. This forecasting approach is called “top-down” forecasting, which analyses trade shows, fashion runway shows, and magazines’ information.

Analyzing Influencers

After the expansion of the internet, experts and people with clear ideas have been turned out to be influencers. So trend forecasters also observe influencers, street styles, and vlogs or blogs for news on the latest trends. This trend forecasting approach is called “bottom-up” forecasting, which monitors a target market to forecast the demand for future trends. We also focus on trends as a micro fashion influencer, but we also do our own thing. We like to be Edgy!

Examining Other Industries’ Data

Small independent fashion designers can stay away from when it comes to forecasting trends. Instead, however, they create mood boards considering art, film, and nature to motivate their unique collections.

You can complete the fashion trend forecasting in three steps:


You need to pick up key points and analyze them while using your instinct and research process. This involves critical designs, colors, prints, textures, patterns, materials, customer data, trending products, etc.


This step is also called trend research, which drives where the key themes are determined. This can involve content, aesthetics, visuals, colors, textures, and the results can be diverse.


When you finish identifying the key trends, you need to apply them to products or services and designs that follow.

So what are those trends of 2024? Read more here and keep an eye on our fashion looks.

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