Guts over Fear, but trust me: some days it is just Fear thats here. Living in fear.




Guts over Fear.

I shared a tear with the world: Ow yes we did.

I love this song from rapper Eminem.

But I made a new verse on it: “Guts over Fear..Some days it is just Fear thats here”. And that is the truth. Nothing but the truth.

You think we are always happy and never insecure? Wrong! Everyone has good and bad days. Some people more than others. Some days we feel secure about ourselves and in those days we start new things or make new pictures. But some days we are like: No, just fear is here. Are we doing the right thing? Do people like my posts? Do people even like me? You know that feeling ladies? Of course we do.

When you look on the gram: you see so many beautiful woman (Okay nowadays its all about plastic surgery thanks to the Kardashians, look what they done to society, I think this is a bad case). How can people still like these people?! But okay that is not empowering and that is not female empowerment. Everyone should deserve their shot and try in life. Everyone deserves a chance to show their talent and ideas, right? Respect for one another!

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