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Gothic Bloggers you must know in 2023.

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Let’s start by introducing myself – I’m Mandy B, and I’ve been a passionate fashion enthusiast for as long as I can remember. Gothic fashion is not really my thing, but i think it will be trending again in the future. I like some pieces of the gothic fashion style though..

Gothic fashion is not just a clothing style; it’s an entire subculture with its music, art, and lifestyle. It’s about embracing the darker side of life and creating a unique and striking personal style that reflects that. And that drew me to these incredible Gothic bloggers – they’ve created a thriving online community by sharing their style and experiences and offering advice and inspiration to their followers.

As someone who likes exploring different fashion subcultures, I find it fascinating how these bloggers have built a successful brand by sharing their passion for Gothic fashion. They’ve connected with like-minded individuals worldwide, creating a sense of community around this unique style.

Here are some gothic bloggers you should know:


Since 2007, LA CARMINA has been a well-known female travel, Gothic fashion, and subculture weblog. Her blog covers a variety of subjects, such as pop culture, travel, and alternative fashion. She has received multiple honors for her writing, including Auxiliary Magazine’s “Best Blog of the Year” award.

Her blog, LA CARMINA Blog, is a beautiful online space where she shares her style and experiences as well as conducts interviews with musicians, artists, and other creatives involved in the Gothic and alternative subcultures. Her articles are thorough and educational, offering a wealth of knowledge on subjects ranging from Japanese street fashion to dark tourism.

LA CARMINA is a published author, TV personality, and presenter in addition to running a blog. She has made several TV appearances and appearances in documentaries, such as “Taboo,” “Oddities,” and “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern.” She has also written many publications, including “The Ultimate Guide to J-Pop Culture” and “Crazy, Wacky Theme Restaurants: Tokyo.”

Her net worth is hard to estimate with any degree of accuracy. Yet, she has established a strong brand and has collaborated with various travel agencies and fashion businesses. She is also said to earn money through her writing assignments and TV appearances.

2.Mysticum Luna Blog

Since 2015, the Gothic jewelry company Mysticum Luna, located in the UK, has produced distinctive designs. The company has an online jewelry store and a popular blog investigating all facets of Gothic cultures, such as fashion, music, and lifestyle.

The Mysticum Luna blog is a forum for the company to communicate with its audience about its love of all things gothic. Their articles are thorough and educational, giving readers information on tarot, witchcraft, and alternative clothing. Together with news on the brand’s most recent collections and events, the site also includes interviews with other Gothic community artists.

The precise sum of Mysticum Luna’s net worth is impossible to estimate. Yet, the company has established a lucrative business and has a sizable fan base among followers of Gothic fashion. They offer their jewelry offline and online, as well as at numerous fairs and events around the UK. Moreover, they have worked with other businesses and have been highlighted in several fashion magazines. Ultimately, anybody interested in Gothic culture and attire should check out the Mysticum Luna blog. Thanks to its entertaining content and premium jewelry, it has established itself as a go-to brand for people wishing to express their distinctive and eye-catching personal style.

3.Renee Ruin

Renee Ruin is a prominent blogger and author who has developed a thriving business around her love of Gothic culture, style, and mental health activism. She identifies as a feminist, goth, digital writer, blogger, poet, and ambassador for mental health.

Renee’s blog, “Renee Ruin,” provides a forum for her to discuss various subjects, including fashion, art, music, and mental health. Also, she has used her platform to raise awareness of significant problems, including the stigma associated with mental illness and the value of self-care.

As a Mental Health Ambassador, Renee is committed to de-stigmatizing mental health and promoting candid conversations about mental illness. She has also shared her mental illness experiences on her blog to help and uplift her followers.

Renee has worked as a PR consultant for numerous fashion firms in addition to her blog, assisting in promoting their goods and events. She has also worked with various artists in the alternative and Gothic subcultures and has been highlighted in several fashion periodicals.

Her net worth is hard to estimate with any degree of accuracy. She has developed a strong brand and collaborated with various fashion companies and mental health charities. Her fans are devoted to her blog because they value her openness and wit in her writing.

In short,

Gothic fashion has come a long way over the years, and it’s exciting to see so many talented Gothic bloggers sharing their passion with the world. There are not that many, but we hope more gothics will show their style on a blog.

Want to start a blog? Show your gothic style? Take this course and learn everything! Worth your money for sure. 

Mandy B.
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