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Not everyone understands humor. Its not supposed to hurt others. Self humor or society humor is much better. YouTube has become a platform for comedians to share content and build an audience. Many comedians have gained immense popularity on YouTube, amassing millions of subscribers. Here is an in-depth look at some of the most famous and influential comedic YouTubers.


Ryan Higa is an American comedian who posts videos on YouTube named Nigahiga. He gained fame in the mid-2000s as one of the first major YouTube stars.

Some key facts about nigahiga:

2.yan Higa launched the Nigahiga YouTube channel in 2006.

  • His videos combine skits, parodies, music, and observational comedy.
  • Popular video series include “Dear Ryan”, “Off the Pill”, and “Advice from Ryan”.
  • As of 2023, the Nigahiga YouTube channel has over 21 million subscribers.
  • Higa was the most subscribed individual on YouTube from 2009-2011.
  • His videos have accumulated over 4.5 billion views.

Higa is acclaimed for his innovative style and ability to create clean, family-friendly humor. He helped pave the way for YouTube to be seen as a platform for quality comedic content.


Smosh is a comedy duo consisting of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. They began posting videos on YouTube in 2005, making them one of the earliest YouTube comedy channels.

Key facts about Smosh:

  • Smosh started in 2002 as a website created by Anthony Padilla.
  • Ian Hecox soon joined to form comedic content together.
  • Their YouTube channel was launched in 2005 and saw rapid growth.
  • Smosh has over 25 million YouTube subscribers and over 9 billion total views.
  • They are known for absurdist and slapstick humor. Popular videos feature food fights, video game parodies, and chaotic stunts.
  • Anthony Padilla left Smosh in 2017, but Ian Hecox continues to produce videos.
  • Beyond YouTube, Smosh has an app, games, and a sketch comedy series for television.

Smosh helped solidify YouTube as a platform for original comedic content and was one of the first channels to reach significant fame on the forum.

3.Epic Rap Battles of History

Epic Rap Battles of History pits historical and pop culture figures against each other in rap battle format. Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Ahlquist created the series.

Details about Epic Rap Battles of History:

  • First launched on YouTube in 2010.
  • Each video features comedic rap battles between two figures with costumes and lyricism tailored to each character.
  • Impressive production value with high-quality costumes, sets, and visual effects.
  • Celebrities are often featured as guest rappers impersonating a character.
  • Over 15 million subscribers and 3 billion views on YouTube.
  • Battles have included Darth Vader vs Hitler, Artists vs TMNT, and Mr. T vs Mr. Rogers.
  • Praised for being educational, catchy, and impressive in matching rhyme schemes to each character.

This series demonstrated YouTube’s potential as a platform to create funny and high-quality sketch comedy while engaging audiences with history and pop culture.


CollegeHumor is a comedy website that also has a significant presence on YouTube. They helped pioneer the style of short-form internet comedy.

Background on CollegeHumor:

  • Originated as a website in 1999 before launching a YouTube channel in 2006.
  • Posts comedic sketches, game shows, parody videos, and short films.
  • Biggest YouTube video is “The Six Ways You’ll See Your Dad”, with over 27 million views.
  • Many videos poke fun at generational humor, gender dynamics, and the absurdity of everyday life.
  • Over 11 million subscribers on YouTube and nearly 5 billion total views.
  • The contributor group includes Sarah Schneider, Streeter Seidell, and Jake Hurwitz.
  • The parent company also operates Dorkly and Dropout for gaming and streaming content.

CollegeHumor’s wacky videos and sarcastic tone captured the emerging style of internet comedy in the 2000s and 2010s.


PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) is undoubtedly one of the most famous YouTubers known for his comedic video game commentaries.

Some key facts about PewDiePie:

  • PewDiePie launched his YouTube channel in 2010, quickly growing a massive following.
  • His videos feature PewDiePie providing off-the-cuff and profane commentary while playing video games.
  • Became the first individual YouTube creator to reach 10 million subscribers by 2013.
  • Earned the title of most subscribed YouTube channel from 2013 until being surpassed in 2019. Now, it has over 110 million subscribers.
  • The style combines irreverent, fast-paced humor with profanity and sarcasm.
  • Features meme references and occasionally edgy or controversial humor.
  • Expanded beyond gaming into comedy sketches, animated series, music, and entertainment reviews.
  • Assessed as one of YouTube’s most impactful and influential creators.

PewDiePie’s meteoric rise demonstrated the ability of an individual YouTuber to build a global audience solely around their comedic persona. He paved the way for many other gaming and commentary YouTubers.

6.Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson is an early YouTube comedian who gained fame for his impressionist skits, musical parodies, and conversational ranting.

Background on Shane Dawson:

  • Launched his YouTube channel and began posting videos in 2008.
  • Most famous for comedic skits and impressions of celebrities like Paris Hilton and Miley Cyrus.
  • Also known for his musical parodies of popular songs.
  • Personal vlog-style videos where Dawson shares candid thoughts also gained popularity.
  • Developed a devoted fanbase drawn to his loud personality.
  • Has over 27 million YouTube subscribers and 5 billion views.
  • Continues posting comedic sketches along with documentary series about internet culture.
  • Also has podcasts, books, merchandise, and occasional music releases.

Shane Dawson helped cement YouTube as a platform for individual creators to share homemade comedy skits and topical rants, connecting with audiences through an intimate vlogging style.


JonTron (Jonathan Jafari) is a popular YouTube comedian known for his unique blend of absurdist humor and cogent commentary while reviewing video games and movies.

Key details on JonTron:

  • Launched his YouTube channel in 2010, gaining popularity for his game reviews.
  • Known for his loud reactions, quirky editing, and non-sequitur humor. Often uses bizarre metaphors.
  • Adds absurdist twists to the standard review structure through skits, costumes, and exaggerated emotions.
  • Viewers find his strong opinions and hyperbolic comedy style funny and entertaining.
  • Expanded into film reviews and pop culture commentary while keeping his signature humor style.
  • Has over 7 million YouTube subscribers and nearly 1 billion video views.
  • Took a controversial political stance online that cost him partnerships, but he remains very popular.

JonTron shattered expectations for what a YouTube reviewer could be, blending informed critiques with surreal humor, sketch comedy, and a unique persona.


YouTube has birthed many unique comedic voices that have accumulated millions of subscribers. These YouTubers pioneered new formats like absurdist video game commentary, rap battles between historical figures, and conversational humor videos. Their influence continues today in shaping YouTube culture and expanding the boundaries of online comedy.


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