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Famous influencers in Korea. Here are some fashion beauty and fitness influencers.




Famous influencers in Korea. Who are they?

Korea has become a major hub for influencer marketing and culture. With advanced digital infrastructure and a tech-savvy population, the country has given rise to numerous popular influencers across various niches. In this comprehensive article, we will explore some of Korea’s most famous and influential social media personalities.

Beauty Influencers
The beauty industry is huge in Korea, and some of the country’s top influencers are makeup artists, models, and skincare experts. They offer beauty tips, product reviews, makeup tutorials, style inspiration and more to millions of dedicated followers.

With over 9 million Instagram followers, Pony is one of the most recognizable faces in Korean beauty influencing. She is a professional makeup artist known for her creative looks and collaborations with top cosmetics brands like MAC, Benefit and more. Pony shares makeup tutorials, reviews, unboxings and behind-the-scenes glimpses of her glamorous life as an A-list makeup artist.
2. Ssin
Ssin is a popular YouTuber and influencer focusing on makeup, skincare and cosmetics. With over 2 million subscribers, her YouTube channel features hundreds of Korean makeup tutorials, reviews and haul videos. Ssin is an authority on Korean beauty trends and has partnered with brands like The Face Shop, Laneige, Innisfree and more.
Risabae is a Korean beauty guru known for her cosmetics formulation and skincare science knowledge. Her YouTube channel features in-depth product reviews, skin diagnostics, ingredient analysis and debunking myths about beauty products. She also shares her skincare routine and tips for glass skin – a coveted Korean beauty trend. Risabae collaborates frequently with cosmetics and skincare labels in Korea.
Also known as Jinri Park, Hyunjin is a famous beauty influencer and model based in Korea. With over 800k Instagram followers, she creates content about K-beauty, style, travel and lifestyle. Hyunjin shares tutorial videos on YouTube, models for major Korean fashion labels, and her cosmetics line, Jinri.
5.Sunnys Na
Sunny’s Na YouTube channel focuses on Korean skincare routines, reviews and beauty hauls. With over 1.3 million subscribers, her videos offer a comprehensive look into the multi-step Korean skincare regimen. She tests out products for acne, hyperpigmentation, anti-ageing and more. Sunny also shares makeup tutorials focussing on Korean trends and styles.
6. Dasom Kim
Dasom Kim is a top beauty influencer in Korea known for her makeup, hair styling and nail art skills. Her YouTube channel has makeup tutorials, reviews and hauls focussing on Korean makeup styles. She also shares hair and nail inspiration for her 1.2 million subscribers. Dasom has worked with brands like Innisfree, VDL and Laneige.

Fashion Influencers
With K-fashion gaining global popularity, Korea has given rise to fashion icons who determine the latest trends in style and clothing. These influencers are tastemakers in Korea’s thriving fashion industry.

1.Jang Yoonju
As the star of Korea’s Next Top Model, Yoonju has made a name for herself in Korean fashion influencing. The professional model and TV personality has over 1.5 million Instagram followers. She posts gorgeous fashion photos, attends Seoul Fashion Week, models for magazines and represents luxury brands like Gucci.
2.Hong Hyejin
Hyejin is a famous fashion influencer on Instagram with over 650k followers. Her aesthetically styled feed features the latest trends in Korean street style and luxury fashion. She attends fashion weeks, models for brands and magazines, and posts beauty and lifestyle content. Hyejin has worked with labels like Fendi, Tod’s and Gentle Monster.
3. Bryanboy
Bryanboy is the social media moniker of fashion blogger Bryan Grey Yambao, one of the first Asian influencers to make waves globally. Based in Seoul now, Bryanboy posts edgy high-fashion looks and OOTDs featuring emerging Korean labels and luxury brands. He has front-row access to fashion weeks worldwide and collaborates with top tags.
4.Sujin Jung
Sujin Jung is a fashion designer and influencer renowned for her minimalist, sophisticated style. Her Instagram account has over 180k followers and offers a refined perspective on luxury fashion. Sujin attends global fashion weeks and models her designs and other emerging Korean labels. Her modern, elegant looks make her a much sought-after influencer.


5. Sophie Hannah Cho
Sophie Cho has made a name for herself on Instagram by blending Korean beauty trends with high fashion looks. She shares skincare secrets, makeup tutorials, and glamorous modelling photos with over 144k followers on her account. Sophie attends Seoul Fashion Week, models for magazines and represents luxury brands like Chanel, Dior and Valentino.   6. Chris Anth
Chris Anth is an influencer, designer and stylist renowned in the Korean fashion scene. He shares striking fashion photos and stylings featuring avant-garde street style and luxury looks. Chris models for editorials, works as a fashion director and creative consultant for brands, and has his clothing line called Anthem.

Fitness Influencers
Health and wellness are essential parts of Korean culture. These fitness influencers motivate their audience to stay active and eat healthy through exercise videos, diet tips and lifestyle advice.

1.Jeong Da Yeon
Jeong Da Yeon, also known as Korean Barbie, is a fitness influencer famous for maintaining her sculpted physique after becoming a mother. She shares her workout routines, daily diet, parenting adventures and travel escapades with her 357k Instagram followers. Da Yeon motivates moms to make time for fitness.
2.Hannah Yoonji
Hannah is a popular pilates and yoga instructor based in Seoul. Her YouTube channel and Instagram account offer workout videos and tutorials that help over 1.3 million followers stay fit. She also shares healthy recipes and lifestyle content and partners with brands like Alo Yoga and Lululemon.
3.Eunkyung Lee
Also known as Hophy Sophie, Eunkyung Lee is a pilates expert with over 155k Instagram followers. She posts reformer and mat pilates workouts and stretching tutorials on her YouTube channel. She also discusses health topics and collaborates with brands like Equinox and New Balance.
4.Jang Hyejin
Hyejin is a fitness influencer focusing on weight training and hardcore HIIT routines. Her YouTube channel shows intense workout videos using equipment like barbells, hip thrusts, deadlifts, etc. She also talks about her bodybuilding journey and diet. Hyejin promotes sports nutrition and supplement brands.
5.Yun Chae Yeong
Chae Yeong is a certified personal trainer and online coach with over 140k subscribers on YouTube. She shares detailed at-home workout videos, fat-loss tips, diet plans, and lifestyle advice. Chae Yeong also sells customized workout and meal plans through her website.
6.Cha Hyun Seung
Hyun Seung is an athlete and bodybuilder with over 240k followers on Instagram. He shares his gruelling workout routines and muscle-building diet and posts impressive photos showcasing his physique. Hyun Seung promotes sports equipment, nutrition supplements and apparel brands.

The social media celebrity scene will continue to evolve in Korea as platforms come and go. The influencer marketing industry is expected to grow as brands realize the powerful reach these online personas provide. Companies must adopt smart strategies while collaborating with influencers to maintain brand safety and values. The future looks exciting for this burgeoning industry in Korea.

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