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Dubai has become a hotspot for influencers and social media stars over the past few years. The glamorous lifestyle, luxury experiences, and picture-perfect destinations make it an ideal place for influencers to create visually appealing content. Dubai attracts top talent worldwide, from models to fashion bloggers to travel vloggers to lifestyle gurus.

Fashion & Lifestyle Influencers

The fashion and lifestyle influencer scene is thriving in Dubai. The city provides an aspirational setting for creating glamorous content, from opulent hotel backdrops to exotic locales. Some of the top names making an impact in this space include:

  1. Huda Kattan

With over 58 million Instagram followers, Huda Kattan is one of the most recognizable personalities from Dubai. As a makeup artist and beauty blogger, she founded the cosmetics line Huda Beauty, which has become a worldwide phenomenon. Her makeup tutorials and product reviews have made her an authority in the beauty industry. Huda shares glimpses into her luxe life in Dubai, from private jets to luxury vacations.

2. Ragheb Alama

A famous singer and TV personality, Ragheb Alama has attained celebrity status in the Middle East. With over 4 million Instagram followers, he has expanded his influence through motivational speaking and philanthropic initiatives. His opulent home and sports car collection in Dubai reinforce his aspirational personal brand. Ragheb shares family-focused content and behind-the-scenes footage from his glamorous lifestyle.

3. Khalid Al Ameri

As a prominent blogger and YouTube personality, Khalid Al Ameri creates comedic videos with a positive cultural twist. With over 3.3 million YouTube subscribers, he has become a social media star in the UAE. Originally from Al Ain, his move to Dubai opened up partnerships and sponsorships with major brands. From poking fun at Emirati stereotypes to creating viral videos, Khalid entertains massive audiences while promoting local culture.

4. Dima G

The Russian-born, Dubai-based fashion and beauty influencer Dima G has amassed over 2.3 million Instagram followers. As an icon in the modest fashion space, she shares luxury hijab styles, halal beauty tips, and lifestyle content. Dima often collaborates with top Emirati brands and designers to create culturally relevant content. Her visually stunning feed highlights exotic locales in Dubai and around the world.

5. Baby Noor

As Dubai’s most stylish toddler, Baby Noor collaborates with major brands through the handle @babynoor. With over 800k Instagram followers, Noor’s mother shares her luxurious lifestyle, designer children’s clothing, exotic vacations, and spa days. This mini diva takes cute and stylish to another level, promoting posh kids’ brands worldwide. For influencer parents, Baby Noor provides plenty of inspiration.

6. Ascia Al Faraj

The Kuwaiti beauty and fashion blogger Ascia Al Faraj boasts 2.5 million Instagram followers. After moving to Dubai, she began sharing outfit inspiration, makeup tutorials, and glimpses into her affluent lifestyle. As a mother and Arab style icon, her social media stardom has led to partnerships with elite brands like Gucci, Dior, and Cartier. Ascia provides modest fashion tips with a modern, luxury twist.

Fitness Influencers

Dubai’s strong focus on health and wellness attracts top fitness influencers today. The city provides scenic locations for workouts and recovery in luxury spas. Fitness influencers take full advantage by sharing their routines, tips, and transformation journeys.

1.Sherry Shaheen

As the founder of Shape My Age, Sherry Shaheen has inspired women over 40 looking to get in shape. With 94k Instagram followers, she uses Dubai’s gyms, beaches, and urban hotspots as backdrops to share fitness routines for busy moms and professionals. Sherry provides nutrition plans, workout videos, and mindset tips tailored to her demographic.

2.DM Fitness

The Dubai-based personal trainer DM Fitness works with celebrity clients and has 784k Instagram followers. He documents fitness journeys and weight loss success stories as a body transformation specialist. DM uses Dubai’s exotic locales as unique settings for outdoor workouts and photo shoots. His social media accounts highlight motivational content, training techniques, and nutritional advice.

3.Ida Olivia

Born in Dubai, Ida Olivia is a fashion model, Pilates instructor and healthy lifestyle blogger. With 68.2k Instagram followers, she shares a mix of styled fashion photos, Pilates workouts, and vegan recipes. Ida promotes brands through sponsored content focused on holistic wellness. Her feed aligns with Dubai’s active, health-conscious culture.

4.Abdel Basset Ben Hassen

Originally from Tunisia, personal trainer Abdel Basset Ben Hassen has made a name for himself in Dubai’s fitness industry. With 119k Instagram followers, he documents his clients’ body transformations and training techniques. Abdel uses Dubai’s luxury gyms and scenic beaches to share workouts, nutrition plans, and motivational messaging. His expertise in strength training and nutrition inspires audiences.

5.Lee Flex Mauritius

A fitness influencer from Mauritius, Lee Flex, moved to Dubai to grow his personal training brand. With 105k Instagram followers, he shares outdoor workouts, healthy recipes, and mindset tips. Lee promotes fitness programs and supplements from Dubai-based brands. His high-quality fitness content takes advantage of Dubai’s aesthetic Settings and props.

Travel & Lifestyle Influencers

Dubai’s reputation as a luxury travel destination makes it a hotspot for top travel and lifestyle influencers. They spotlight the city’s hotels, attractions, restaurants, and hidden gems. Their content inspires visitors and promotes local businesses.

  1. MO Vlogs

As one of Dubai’s most popular YouTubers, MO Vlogs documents his extravagant lifestyle and daily adventures. With over 12 million subscribers, his prank videos, supercar antics, and lavish parties entertain massive audiences. MO takes full advantage of Dubai’s wealth, sports cars, and scenic destinations to create shareable content.

2.The Lilac Box

Niala Shafi launched The Lilac Box’s video blog to share lifestyle tips, parenting advice, and shopping hauls. As a Dubai-based mom and entrepreneur, her YouTube channel and website highlight family life in the city. Niala recommends the best schools, activities, and dining spots that appeal to young families.

3.The Trendy Frenchie

Camille Christel is the fashion and travel blogger behind The Trendy Frenchie. With 119k Instagram followers, she shares dreamy photos from exotic destinations, yachts, and luxury Dubai hotels. Camille blogs about the hottest nightlife spots, restaurants, and shopping outlets. Her visually appealing content inspires luxury trips to Dubai.

4.Salt in our Hair

The couple behind the famous travel blog Salt in Our Hair share dreamy photography from Dubai and the UAE. With 330k Instagram followers, they spotlight hidden gems, cool hangouts, luxury hotels, and adventurous activities. Their mission is to inspire others to lead an adventurous life and travel more.

5.World of Wanderlust

Australian travel blogger Brooke Saward shares her journeys around the globe with her 2.4 million Instagram fans. Her Dubai-focused content, from wildlife encounters to desert safaris, spotlights the top experiences and attractions. Brooke’s photography and storytelling inspire her young female demographic to travel.


Dubai offers the ideal launchpad for influencers to build their brands and followings. Fashionistas flaunt couture designs against a backdrop of luxury. Fitness buffs workout on pristine beaches and exclusive gyms. Travel content creators immerse audiences in opulent hotels and exotic locales. As more creators move to Dubai, the city becomes a global influencer hub. With visually stunning settings and nonstop activities, Dubai provides the perfect canvas for creating aspirational social media content that spreads worldwide.


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