Dressing like a tomboy in 2023. #gethelook.




Dressing like a tomboy in 2023, but how? Do you feel you are a bit of tomboy?

Welcome to my blog: readers and fans. You are here because you want to know what a tomboy style is and how you dress like one. Are you a bit of tomboy? Join the club.

A lot of people think that tomboys, people that dress like a tomboy are lesbians but this is not the case.Of course it can be a lesbian but not everyone dressing like tomboy is one. So remember that. Lesbian fashion, edgy fashion, gender fluid clothing. Its all a bit the same. It all about menswear items, mixing items, feeling comfortable in what you wear.

Tomboy does not mean you dress as a boy, but it includes some masculine items in your outfit. Tomboy style is about dressing effortlessly and putting a menswear-inspired twist on your favorite outfits. You are not the type for sexy dresses, high heels and skirts. But he: did I just saw Jeffrey Campbells heels in this design? yes: Jeffrey Campbells have a lot of edgy design shoes that can make outfit a bit more feminine. I don’t like classy heels, I like edgy/different ones.

So how you dress this way?As a tomboy? Think of high-waisted shorts, graphic tees, oversized clothes, the boyfriend oversized jeans, sneakers , beanies, caps etc. Getting the tomboy look is also about being comfortable in what you wear. A jogging pants with a blazer? Mix up a male oversized jogging pants with a female piece. You rather wear pants/trousers then skirts. You like sporty clothes, like a baseball tee with combat boots for example with a nice cap.

So what do you think of this oversized t-shirt with statement? Make it fashion. Wear some high heels under it. For example: Jeffrey Campbells. They have a lot of dope shoe design. I like this edgy/fun brand. Its different. I like different. .

You can also try out new things with your hair and make-up. For example a short edgy hair cut or a emo make-up look.

Or what do you think of sneakers? The sneaker ladies. So what are your favorite sneakers? Mines are My jordans! Mix up sneakers with a nice edgy crop-top.

Some great examples of tomboy fashion icons are Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, Ciara, Cara Delevigne, Dani Leigh and Rita Ora. For fashion inspiration of these ladies I suggest you to look at stealherstyle.net. The website for your celeb style inspiration.

Some tomboy brands are

  • Big Bud Press.
  • Telfar.
  • Wildfang.
  • Wales Bonner.

But of course you can shop tomboy items at ASOS, Prettylittlething, Urban Outfitters, DollsKill, Missguided etc.

For tomboy items?

So go for the tomboy style: mix up items that are menswear-inspired. Mix up the two worlds: male and female.

Do you want to show your style on your blog but do you have no idea how to start a blog? Then I suggest you to read this artice.

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