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Black culture affects every element of life. Whether it’s via the efforts of Black tastemakers changing how we eat or through the use of Black Twitter to organize whole social movements, Black people are always at the forefront of American popular culture. And it goes beyond just having a large social media following; some of our favorite Black influencers are also entrepreneurs, artists, and community leaders, in addition to being well-known on social media. Think of Ophrah Winfrey. She is everything. Following them is a genuine way to acknowledge the contributions Black people continue to make to our society, and it’s one of the ways we’ve decided to promote their successes.

Bloggers, TikTok users, Youtube stars, and other content creators may also be considered influencers. Do not disregard blogging. As a blogger, you have a “voice,” and if you use it well, you may reach a large audience—readers of your blog content. I blog rather than use Instagram. I concentrate on my blogs.I have multiple blogs, also in Dutch. Blogging also can make you famous ad rich so don’t only focus on Instagram and TikTok.

Here are some black influencers you should know about in 2024:

1.Jackie Aina: Instagram: @jackieaina, YouTube: Jackie Aina, Twitter: @jackieaina

Jackie Aina is a well-known YouTuber and beauty influencer famous for her cosmetic tutorials, product reviews, and opinions on the sector. She is renowned for focusing strongly on diversity in the beauty business. Her handles on social media are:

Jackie Aina, a Nigerian-American YouTuber and beauty influencer, started her career in 2009. She is well recognized for her product reviews, criticism of the beauty business, and cosmetic tutorials in which she emphasizes diversity and representation of women of color.

She has more than 4.5 million YouTube followers, and several magazines have listed her as one of the world’s top beauty influencers. She is renowned for her activism and advocacy, especially about diversity and representation in the cosmetics business.

2.LaVonta Osborne, @vonie boo.

This Tennessee-based influencer is well-known for her natural hair tutorials, Steam Fashions products, and adorable photos of her sweet new baby. She is renowned for displaying items from her clothing line, Steam Fashions. Everyone, from pregnant moms to those interested in natural hair growth, follows her lovely account since her postings are consistently healthy and inspirational. On Instagram and TikTok, social media influencer and content producer LaVonta Osborne is well-known for her fashion and lifestyle posts. She often imparts to her fans travel advice, beauty secrets, and personal style.

3.Kiersten Harris, @kierstensharris, YouTube: Kierstensharris

Another prominent YouTuber and Instagrammer!

In addition, Kiersten Harris has been actively engaged in several philanthropic causes, including the Black Lives Matter movement’s “Luminous Love” campaign and the COVID-19 pandemic-affected Black-owned beauty companies’ “Makeup for Melanin Girls” campaign.

She has worked with several cosmetic companies, such as Anastasia Beverly Hills, Colourpop, and Too Faced. She has also introduced her line of cosmetic brushes. She is renowned for her activism and advocacy, especially about diversity and representation in the cosmetics business.

4.Kim Zulu, @kimzulu_

Influential African leader Kim Zulu isn’t even human. Seriously. The first e-influencer in South Africa is a CGI model. After landing a modeling gig with Kangol, she was featured in media outlets like Forbes last year. She also works as a CGI model. The act of following Kim on Instagram is like stepping into the future. In South Africa, she is a well-known and adored personality. She is a broadcaster on E! Entertainment Africa and a lovely example of a role model for young females.

5.Dainá, @dainamurel

Dainá is a Black artist who works in various industries and resides in the UK. She is a musician, sneakerhead, and one of the most well-known individuals on YouTube. Dainá’s YouTube channel has a lovely assortment of streetwear ensembles and offers her followers a constant stream of information about her musical endeavors. You won’t regret following Dainá on Instagram, whether or not you’ve seen her YouTube tutorials or can’t get enough of beautifully composed photos of hypebeasts.

Who Is Your Favorite Black Social Media Influencer To Follow, And Why?

Here are several well-known influencers who all have something to give you, some a little more than others. Black individuals also deserve a chance at stardom. Black folks have much creative talent and they all deserve to shine.

Of course we all know Oprah Winfrey. Oprah Winfrey is much more then just an influencer. She is a media legend.

So do you know any famous popular black influencers in 2024 we are missing here?

Image: unsplash

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