Biggest Hip-Hop Blogging Platforms In The World




Best Hip-hop blogging platforms in the world.

We have Dutch ones (im Dutch btw), Like Puna.nl, funx.nl and Complexnl.com and of course the allround talented platform: lifeofanartist.nl (which is mine though for those that are curious). An allround lifestyle platform focussed on artists and creatives in the Netherlands and abroad. Talent that deserves to be seen.

Of course we all know Complex, the best one out there. But there are more. Complex is number 1 for sure but is not only focused on hip-hop. They are an allround magazine for the urban culture. Thats why they are so cool.

So do you want to be the next popular hiphop magazine, a magazine like Complex? Then take this course. It will teach you everything and you can start with a succesful blog. Start with a hiphop blog and become booming within 10 years. Become a blog millionaire. 

Since its start in the 1970s, hip-hop music has developed significantly and is now one of the most well-liked musical genres worldwide. With the development of the internet, several Hip-Hop blog platforms have appeared, giving hip-hop fans access to news, updates, and the most recent events. This blog article will cover the world’s largest hip-hop blog platforms.

We are launching (we? I am launching www.artistheat.com probably late this summer) but it will not be only focused on Hip-hop. There is more talent in the world. A lot of talent that is under the radar, I mean rapper Preme and Iggy Azalea. Come on people. So talented but not really famous.What is wrong with this world? I think there are so many artist out there that don’t get the spotlight they deserve.

Lets become the biggest music/talent platform of all time. Artist, designers, creators, influencers and more. The brand for the creative industry. Someone with me?!? Someone seeing dollar $igns?

Here are 4 blogging platforms you should know if you are a hip-hop fan: 


With more then 8 million visitors a month they are on top of the hiphop platforms game. The best one out there. At least thats my opinion. Complex magazine is an allround urban magazine for the urban culture. Daily news, hip-hop news, pop culture news, sneakers and more. Complex is a community of creators and curators on a mission to Expose the true face of modern america. The company is founded by Marc Ecko in 2002 and is worth millions now. Buzzfeed bought Complex networks for 300 million so the owner is hella rich now. They make money with advertising, affiliate marketing and they have a shop.

2.All Hip Hop

Being one of the most trustworthy sources of hip-hop news, rumors, and chitchat, All Hip Hop has been in the industry. A committed staff of journalists, editors, and photographers for the website provide daily coverage of the hip-hop culture. All Hip Hop’s content is varied and includes editorials, opinion pieces, exclusive interviews with musicians and business insiders, and news. The website has a significant social media presence, with over 2 million followers on different social media platforms.

With its online presence, All Hip Hop has also hosted several hip-hop events, including performances, festivals, and conferences for the industry. The website also debuted All Hip Hop Radio, a 24/7 streaming radio station that plays the newest and best hip-hop tunes.

The popularity and longevity of All Hip Hop in the hip-hop blog are reflected in its projected net value of $10 million. They have 3 million visitors a month on the blog. Which is good, but not as much as Complex.. Despite the growth of social media and other online media, the website has managed to maintain its relevance and authority. For hip-hop fans all across the globe, All Hip Hop is still a reliable source of news.


For more than 20 years, XXL Magazine has been a mainstay of the hip-hop scene. Exclusive interviews, thorough profiles, and stories on the most incredible people in the business are all included in the magazine’s print version. The publication is especially well-known for its yearly XXL Freshman Class list, which has aided in the career launches of several now-famous musicians, including Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Lil Uzi Vert. The musicians on the list are emerging performers expected to affect the hip-hop business significantly next year.

XXL Magazine now has a more significant online presence in addition to its print version. Daily news, reviews, and features on everything hip hop-related, including music, fashion, and culture, are available to readers on the magazine’s website. The most outstanding personalities in hip-hop have exclusive interviews, freestyles, and performances on the YouTube channel that XXL Magazine has recently created.

The popularity and impact of XXL Magazine in the hip-hop blog are shown in its projected $5 million net worth.  They have more then 7 million visitors in a month, so thats pretty good. Thats close to Complex, our number 1 platform.  Despite the fall of print media and the growth of internet media, the magazine has remained robust and relevant. Hip-hop enthusiasts all across the globe continue to rely on XXL Magazine as a reliable source of news.

  1. 2 DopeBoys

Not the biggest platformin terms of visitors/traffic but dope for sure.

2 Dope Boys has been a significant force in the hip-hop blogosphere for over ten years. Shake and Meka, the website’s creators, have a sharp eye for new talent and have helped begin the careers of several now-famous musicians, including J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar. The website offers users daily news and features on anything hip hop-related, such as album reviews, music videos, and artist interviews.

In addition, 2 Dope Boyz has gained recognition for its musical tastes. The website’s “2DBZ Presents” series offers readers a one-stop shop for all their music demands with a meticulously selected playlist of the newest and best hip-hop songs. The website has debuted its podcast, “The Dope Show,” which includes conversations with hip-hop industry leaders, insiders, and noteworthy performers.

The fact that 2 Dope Boyz has a net worth estimated to be about $2 million is evidence of the platform’s success as an independent hip-hop blog. The website has maintained its relevance and influence in a competitive field due mainly to the founders’ dedication to producing high-quality material and their aptitude for identifying up-and-coming talent. Hip-hop fans who want to learn about new artists and keep up with the most recent events and trends in the business continue to turn to 2 Dope Boys as their go-to resource.


With over 8 million unique monthly visits, HipHopDX is one of the world’s biggest and most well-known hip-hop blog platforms. The website offers users daily news, reviews, interviews, and features on music, fashion, culture, and anything else linked to hip-hop.

HipHopDX was established in 1999 and has served as a dependable resource for information for hip-hop lovers ever since. The website has won various awards throughout the years, and in 2012 it was nominated for the BET Hip Hop Awards “Best Hip Hop Web Site” award. HipHopDX is renowned for its in-depth reporting on the hip-hop scene, which includes pieces on upcoming musicians and established figures in the field.

Warner Music Group purchased HipHopDX in September 2020 for an unknown sum. While the purchase’s cost is unclear, the transaction shows its success and impact on the hip-hop community. HipHopDX has increased its resources and reach thanks to the acquisition, allowing it to provide even more thorough coverage of the hip-hop sector.

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