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10 Popular Black Influencers (underdogs, bullied dogs) on Instagram: Redefining Fashion, Beauty, and Activism




OKay. I like them black. So what? I dont why, its maybe because I dont feel like a white one. I feel like a mix, like a spanish type, like a brazilian type. I dont know. I dont feel Dutch at all and not like a white person. Maybe its because black people often had to suffer from life, being bullied, being outsiders and of course there is the slavery. I think I understand black people better than white people.

Black influencers you should know about in 2024. In the age of social media, Black influencers have risen to prominence, utilizing platforms like Instagram to showcase their talents, advocate for social change, and redefine beauty and fashion standards. In this blog post, we will look into ten influential Black individuals who have significantly impacted Instagram, highlighting their achievements, social handles, and areas of expertise.

  1. Jackie Aina (@jackieaina)

Jackie Aina (@jackieaina) is a powerhouse in the beauty industry and a prominent Black influencer on Instagram. As the first influencer to win the N.A.A.C.P. Image Award, she has consistently used her platform to advocate for racial equality and challenge the beauty industry’s lack of diversity. With her successful YouTube channel and engaging Instagram presence, Jackie offers her followers honest insights, tutorials, and product reviews. Her content goes beyond makeup tips and tricks, delving into meaningful discussions about representation, colorism, and inclusivity. Jackie’s unwavering commitment to addressing racism in the beauty world has made her influential, inspiring countless individuals and brands to take steps toward positive change.

What sets Jackie apart is her unapologetic authenticity and fearless advocacy. She fearlessly calls out brands’ lack of inclusivity and holds them accountable for their actions. Jackie’s passion for empowering others is evident in her collaborations with major beauty brands to create inclusive product lines, ensuring that people of all skin tones are represented and catered to. Her engaging personality and charismatic presence have earned her a devoted fan base who admire her for more than just her beauty expertise. Jackie Aina is a leading force in the beauty community and a trailblazer in the fight for a more inclusive and equitable industry.

  1. Kellie Brown (@itsmekellieb)

Kellie Brown (@itsmekellieb) is a trailblazing Black influencer who has shattered the narrow beauty standards of the fashion industry. As the founder of #FatAtFashionWeek, Kellie is on a mission to celebrate and spotlight the beauty of more prominent women working in fashion. Her YouTube channel, “And I Get Dressed,” is a platform for body positivity, fashion inspiration, and empowerment. Kellie’s authentic and unapologetic approach to style has resonated with thousands of followers inspired by her confidence and unique fashion choices.

With her fearless attitude and impeccable sense of style, Kellie challenges societal norms and encourages individuals to embrace their bodies, regardless of size. Her content showcases that fashion is not limited to a particular body type and that everyone deserves to feel fabulous in their skin. Kellie’s influence extends beyond her online presence as she collaborates with brands and designers to promote inclusivity and diversity in the fashion industry. Her advocacy and commitment to breaking down barriers have made her an actual role model for aspiring fashion enthusiasts and body-positive advocates.

  1. Frédérique Harrel (@freddieharrel)

Frédérique Harrel (@freddieharrel) is a significant Black influencer who has carved her path in beauty and fashion. As the creative force behind RadSwan, a conscious beauty brand, Frédérique aims to empower and celebrate the global African diaspora. She encourages individuals to embrace their natural beauty through her platform and promotes self-love and self-expression. Frédérique’s Instagram presence is a visual feast, filled with stunning photos that capture her vibrant personality and zest for life.

What sets Frédérique apart is her unwavering commitment to championing diversity and inclusivity. She uses her platform to challenge beauty standards and encourage individuals to embrace their unique features and backgrounds. Frédérique’s genuine passion for uplifting others and creating a space for representation has resonated with thousands of followers, who find inspiration and empowerment in her content. Through RadSwan, she has created a community that celebrates diversity and encourages individuals to embrace their true selves, fostering a sense of belonging and acceptance in the beauty industry and beyond. Frédérique Harrel is a true icon, using her influence to redefine beauty and inspire others to embrace their authentic selves.

  1. Elaine Welteroth (@elainewelteroth)

Elaine Welteroth (@elainewelteroth) is a force to be reckoned with in media and fashion. As the former Editor-in-Chief of Teen Vogue and the author of the bestselling memoir “More Than Enough,” she has made significant contributions to the industry. Elaine is an incredible writer and a captivating style star, captivating her followers with her impeccable fashion choices and distinctive personal style. Her Instagram feed is a testament to her creativity and individuality, featuring stunning photos that showcase her bold fashion sense and penchant for pushing boundaries.

Beyond her notable career achievements, Elaine Welteroth is an influential figure who uses her platform to amplify diverse voices and advocate for social change. She fearlessly addresses issues such as race, gender equality, and representation. Her authenticity and commitment to inclusivity have earned her a loyal following that looks up to her as a role model. Elaine Welteroth’s influence extends far beyond the fashion world, inspiring individuals to embrace their unique voices, challenge societal norms, and pursue their passions unapologetically.

  1. Gabrielle Richardson (@fridacashflow)

Gabrielle Richardson, better known as @fridacashflow, is a multi-talented Black influencer who has significantly impacted them as a model and curator for the Art Hoe Collective. With her stunning curly mane and captivating Instagram presence, Gabrielle has become an icon for embracing natural hair and celebrating individuality. Her feed is a visual delight, filled with beautiful photos that exude artistic expression and capture her unique style.

Beyond her role in the fashion world, Gabrielle is a passionate advocate for social justice and uses her platform to address critical issues. As a curator for the Art Hoe Collective, she highlights the work of marginalized artists and encourages conversations around race, identity, and representation. Gabrielle’s powerful captions complement her stunning visuals, touching on topics such as self-love, empowerment, and the beauty of diversity. Through her authentic and inspiring presence on Instagram, she has created a community that celebrates art, beauty, and activism, inspiring others to embrace their creativity and stand up for social change. Gabrielle Richardson’s influence reaches far beyond the fashion industry, making her a powerful voice for inclusivity and self-expression.

  1. Dominique Babineaux (@dominiquebabineaux)

Dominique Babineaux (@dominiquebabineaux) is a rising star in the modeling industry and an influential Black influencer on Instagram. Dominique has already significantly impacted the fashion world with an impressive portfolio that includes campaigns for L’Oréal, FILA, and Gap. Her striking beauty and versatility as a model have garnered attention and admiration from industry professionals and followers alike. However, Dominique’s influence goes beyond her modeling career; she uses her network to inspire and empower others.

Dominique is known for her unique style and bold fashion choices, so she captivates her followers with her impeccable fashion sense. She fearlessly experiments with bold looks and can effortlessly pull off trends like bleached brows, making her a trendsetter in her own right. Dominique showcases her passion for self-expression through her Instagram feed and encourages her audience to embrace their individuality. Her growing presence breaks barriers and redefines beauty standards, inspiring others to embrace their unique features and personal style. Dominique Babineaux is a rising star whose influence extends beyond the runway, making her a role model for aspiring models and fashion enthusiasts seeking to make their mark in the industry.

  1. Shiona Turini (@shionat)

Shiona Turini (@shionat) is a highly regarded stylist and costume designer whose Instagram feed is a visual feast for fashion enthusiasts. With an impeccable sense of style and meticulous attention to detail, Shiona has established herself as a style icon. Her wardrobe is nothing short of envy-inducing, showcasing a blend of high fashion, vintage pieces, and unique accessories that create her signature aesthetic. Every outfit she puts together is a testament to her creativity and ability to curate visually stunning looks.

Beyond her expertise in fashion, Shiona Turini’s beauty looks are equally captivating. From flawless makeup to intricate hairstyles, she consistently pushes boundaries and sets trends with her beauty choices. Her Instagram feed is a perfect source of inspiration for those seeking to experiment with their beauty routines and explore new possibilities. Shiona’s dedication to aesthetic excellence has made her a sought-after stylist and costume designer in the industry, and her Instagram presence serves as a visual diary that showcases her immense talent and artistic vision. Shiona Turini is a true fashion maven, setting the bar high for style enthusiasts worldwide.

  1. Natasha Ndlovu (@natashandlovu)

Natasha Ndlovu (@natashandlovu) is a significant Black influencer who wears many hats, excelling as a style blogger, model, and content creator. Her Instagram feed is a captivating blend of fashion, beauty, and travel, showcasing her impeccable style and eye-catching aesthetics. Natasha’s outfits are always on point, combining classic pieces with unique and unexpected elements to create fashion-forward looks. Her ability to curate diverse and trendsetting ensembles has gained her a loyal following and collaborations with notable brands.

In addition to her fashion prowess, Natasha Ndlovu is the founder of Vintage Assembly, an online vintage boutique that offers curated collections of stylish and timeless pieces. Through Vintage Assembly, she shares her love for vintage fashion and promotes sustainable and ethical shopping. Natasha’s commitment to showcasing the beauty and value of vintage clothing resonates with her followers and encourages them to embrace more conscious fashion choices. With her creative content and entrepreneurial spirit, Natasha Ndlovu has solidified her place as a fashion influencer to watch, inspiring others to embrace their unique style and positively impact the industry.

  1. Kia Marie (@thenotoriouskia)

Kia Marie, better known as @thenotoriouskia, is a multi-talented Black influencer who has captured the hearts of many with her incredible talent and infectious personality. As a singer, songwriter, and storyteller, Kia Marie has a captivating presence both on and off the stage. With millions of views, her YouTube channel showcases her musical abilities and creative storytelling, resonating with a broad audience who appreciate her raw and authentic approach to artistry.

In addition to her musical talents, Kia Marie is a style icon whose fashion choices consistently leave a lasting impression. Her Instagram feed is a cache of outfit inspirations, featuring a mix of trendy pieces, unique accessories, and bold colors. Kia’s ability to effortlessly put together fashion-forward looks has earned her a dedicated following of fashion enthusiasts eagerly anticipating her next outfit post. With her multifaceted talent and engaging content, Kia Marie inspires others to embrace their creativity, follow their passions, and express themselves through music and fashion.

  1. Coco Bassey (@cocobassey)

Coco Bassey (@cocobassey) is a prominent Black influencer who has established herself as a go-to source for all things fashion and beauty. As an influencer and creator, Coco has curated an impressive online presence reflecting her impeccable industry style and expertise. Her blog, Millenielle, serves as an oasis of style inspiration, featuring a blend of high fashion, affordable finds, and practical tips for everyday fashionistas.

What sets Coco apart is her ability to combine sophistication with approachability effortlessly. Her Instagram feed is a visual delight, filled with beautifully curated images that showcase her fashion-forward outfits and beauty looks. Coco’s content offers valuable fashion advice and highlights her genuine passion for self-expression through personal style. Whether rocking the latest trends or showcasing her unique take on timeless classics, Coco Bassey inspires her followers to embrace their individuality and express themselves boldly through fashion and beauty choices. With her blend of expertise, relatability, and impeccable taste, Coco continues to leave a lasting impact on the influencer community and beyond.


These 10 Black influencers have amassed a significant following on Instagram and used their platforms to redefine beauty standards, promote inclusivity, and inspire others. By diversifying our social media feeds and amplifying the voices of these talented individuals, we can support their endeavors and continue to encourage positive change in the fashion and beauty industry.

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