Huda Kattan Net Worth in 2024. How rich is this beauty entrepreneur?




Huda Kattan net worth in 2024. Is she already a billionaire?

Why is she actually so famous?

Well this is a simple answer: this is a beauty woman with finance skills that took over the beauty industry. We like this woman. She has guts and she looks beautiful. Its the sun shining on her in 2024 and the future. (trying out her products soon).

Read more about her entrepreneurship journey down here.

Huda Kattan started with her blog in 2010 (she was there in the early days) and started her Instagram in May 2012. On Instagram she is a huge success now and her blog became a famous make-up brand.

In an interview Huda told that she did not make any money for the first 4 years with her blog. She did not do what bloggers do (like me). Take products, write reviews, get paid to promote brands etc. She did not use affiliate marketing and advertising. There are so many ways for bloggers people often forget.

“They almost work like magazines (a blog is like magazine indeed) where you get paid and you support brands that pay you. And I didn’t do that, so I didn’t make money, really, until we started our brand,” Kattan says. So she did not take advantage of blogging. This is not good, because only blogging can also make you hella rich. What you think of having multiple blogs?

But Huda Beauty became a success because she started her own beauty brand. She started selling products. This is a blogger that turned her blog info a million dollar empire because of her beauty brand. But with some help of her sisters and other family. She started with fake eye-lashes and they were even worn by Kim Kardashian. Can you imagine? Thats huge for the marketing. After that she also started selling foundations, concealers, lipsticks, eyeshadows, brushes and more.

This woman started in finance, but followed her passion which is make-up and beauty. With a $6,000 loan from her sister Alya and $10,000 in personal savings for packaging. Start small, but think big. Every business needs a little investing. A blog also. You do not get rich just like that.

Now in 2023 the business is valued at $1 billion, the collection is available in 1500 stores globally (even in the Netherlands, yes at ICI Paris XL) and she has an Instagram following of more than 50 million.

Kattan has been running her company for the past 12 years, supported by her two sisters Mona and Alya Kattan as global president and chief Instagram officer, respectively, and her husband, Chris Goncalo, as COO. Kattan who is now worth more than 600million. Can you imagine? A blogger turned hella rich. We think this is a real self-made woman. Not born rich (or maybe a little) and of course experience in finance is good for handling a business.

I think it was good that she was so early there with this idea, because now every blogger or celebrity is having their own make-up line. Think of Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian (although we are wondering whats up with her brand now), Gwen Stefani, Ariana Grande, Rihanna and Selena Gomez. To many brands now are on the market. This will be hard for future beauty entrepreneurs.

This is the reason why I think blogging is the way for money nowadays. Starting a beauty brand in 2024? I dont know…very difficult. You don’t have the name like Huda, Kim and Rihanna.

Why is Hutta Kattan famous? She is a beauty mastermind with her own beauty company and millions of followers. She started small 12 years ago with a beauty blog, but here she is.

500 millions worth.

Image: unsplash (not her brand)


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