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So did Youtube take over blogging? We think not. Blogging is back! But blogging just changed a bit.

Though people are more attracted to youtube videos, Blogging still exists and delivers entertainment to the audience. In fact, approximately 409 million internet users appear and read about 20 billion blog pages per month. Therefore, 53% of marketers prefer blogging for content marketing strategy.

People have been flooded to watch Youtube videos with access to cheaper internet. However, most Youtube videos are limited to the art and entertainment niche. People enjoy music videos, movies, fashion tips, etc. So, it is not logical to say that Youtube has taken over from Blogging.

The following reasons tell that Blogging is still worth starting in 2022:

1.Less Technical Skill Required to Produce Content

When you want to post a video on Youtube, you can create a channel account for free. But you need tools such as a camera, speaker, editing tools, and post-production tools. Besides, you will also need speaking skills, video editing skills, graphic design skills for clickbait.

However, you would not find anything required to start blogging. You can buy a domain and hosting and start publishing your content through text. You will need copywriting skills, which are the core to attract readers. Besides, basic graphic design skills will be enough to produce good clickbait

2.Build Your Own Brand

You must have read some famous blogs such as Tech Crunch, Mashable, or Huffington Post. So, you can own the website or blog and name it after your niche or brand. This helps you expand and recognize your brand, product, and service.

You can rank your blog posts by creating quality or explicit content on a particular niche and working on SEO practices. This helps drive attractive traffic to your blog and convert them to your customers

3.No Monetization Policies

As Youtube has maintained its platform with many restrictions and conditions, this limits content creators from expressing themselves and earning revenues. This is not only for the beginner but also for the channel with million subscribers. Your Youtube channel needs to acquire 1000 subscribers and complete 4000 watch hours to get monetized.

However, Google has not set unfair restrictions for bloggers to get their blogs monetized unless they encounter a policy violation.

4.Less Risky to Get Terminated

It is not meant to say that you should perform policy violations multiple times in Blogging. However, bloggers have a fair chance to improve their mistakes once they have. Unlike it, Youtube terminates the user’s channel with three community guideline strikes. Once the channel is terminated, you will neer get it back.

Besides, there are many copyright issues on Youtube. Many Youtuber with millions of subscribers leverage it to harm others. So this kind of unfair game is played on Youtube

5.Less Effort with High Return

When you start producing Youtube videos, you will need a story as a script first. Then, after spending a reasonable amount of time on the script, you will need to film your story in a video. When the film is done, editing starts, and finally, you are ready to post your video on Youtube.

However, the blog post ends with the script in the effort. So, You can complete a blogging job at one-third time of Youtube work. This is how you can save your time and invest it for other purposes. For example, you can audit your sites and engage with your readers

6.Earn More Money

YouTubers make money through an advertisement pushed by the platform, whether you like or dislike it. You cannot have control over advertisement management. Besides, Youtubers can collab with brands to promote their products and services as a sponsorship. However, the advertisement display and sponsorship depends on the number of subscribers and what views your Youtube channel gets.

The source of Youtube earning is limited, and in many countries, advertisement revenue is meager. Unlike this, Blogging has multiple ways to make money, and the following are some of the few ways.

  • Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsorships
  • Media.net
  • Selling Merchandise and Products
  • E-books and Courses

Though the audio-visual content is emerging with boosting rate, some people prefer reading texts. The give and take process still continues in the blogging industry, so it is safe to say that Youtube has not won over Blogging— Blogging is evolving with more profits and possibilities.

Ready to start your own fashion and beauty blog in 2022? Start now!

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