Why is Kim Kardashian so famous? Is she talented?




You asked Google and we answer. So why is Kim Kardashian so famous?

We talk and write on this blog about famous bloggers and influencers and 1 of the greatest influencers (on social media) of today is Kim Kardashian. With millions of followers and likes you can’t ignore her. But why is this? Is this woman overrated? Does this woman even deserve to be famous? What is this thing about her that everyone followers her on social media and in the other media? We do people even care about what she does?

To the press she tells she would do anything to do famous. She is not talented so she will never be famous because of talent, so she had to think of other ways to reach the top. Like fame is that important. Like fame makes you important?! I think this is the case for a lot of people who want to be famous. They want to be admired and want to feel special. But I think fame is not that important. Helping others, making a change in society is important. Being a good person! This is what matters.

I feel bad for all those talented women in this world who are not famous and are not seen and are overruled by the Kardashians, that think this world is their world. So many talents who will never be famous or rich. On my other (Dutch) brand: lifeofanartist.nl we help less famous people who have talent but are not picked up by the mainstream media. Its time for new some fresh media and new people in the media.

I really think these people ruined society and the standards of what is beauty and the reason why someone should be so famous. A lot of people follow their footsteps and join reality shows or film their own lives to reach more fame. But also all those people that join Temptation Island and Love Island. Reality programs. Like what is it with these programs? I think fame is for talented people. You want to be famous because you show your talent to the world. Real talk right? A good discussion. Why should you want to be famous?

Kim Kardashian first gained notoriety after a sex tape she made with a former boyfriend and rapper named Ray J got leaked to the public. This sex-tape made her famous and after that she used her fame to gain popularity, she started brands like KKW Beauty, Skims and more, she married Kanye West. The Kardashians started with their reality show on E!, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which followed the lives of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. So a lot of people talk about this show that made her famous, but it is the sex-tape so actually her fame is a disgrace. But people forget about this and fame is fame right? Well no way we would ever do something like that to become famous. We work for our fame and yes we work hard for it. We seek Respect!

We even think they pay they media to post about them so they stay relevant, cause the media is always writing about them. Every little thing and boom they are in the media again like they are important people and people care about them.

To be honest we would like to see more role models in the media, more inspiring women who help others. Fame is fame, but what about society standards, norms and values? Have we lost our standards?

We are curious about your opinions about this woman and about why she is so famous.

Want to know more about her? Die hard fan?

The selfie photography of Kim Kardashian West

Get her book here below. She is definitely a selfish/narcistic women thinking the world is theirs.

But he she has fans!

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