Why the Kardashians changed the beauty industry.




The Kardashians changed the beauty industry.

Hello plastic surgery billion industry: should I do it to? a nice belly liposuction would be good for me.I would like to get rid of that fat belly.

Yes they changed it for good.

And Im not sure if thats a good thing.

It was already clear that im a Kardashian-Jenner hater..well not a hater, thats a big word. I just find it hard to see that no talent gets so much attention while others that are way more talented get none. And that was the start for my brands: lifeofanartist.nl and artistheat.com.

Its hard being so talented and seeing a not talented woman shining and doing her thing. Its just not the way life should be. They also dont empower other women that are talented because they are not themselves. I think every woman should empower another woman working on her empire. #womenpower #empoweringwoman #weallmatter #youarenottheonlyoneontheplanet #therearemorepeople #andbrands #howyoufeelaboutthis?

But anyways they changed society, they changed the beauty industry and yes we like this industry. The beauty industry, not the way they changed it. The way beauty is seen now.

So what is going on in the world?

Kylie Cosmetics is good, its a good brand, its worth more then 1 billion. Read more here about it. She brought some good products to the market and its working well for the brand.

I think KKW Beauty was a flop, I mean why would she else quit this brand and start a skincare line of 630 dollar? why not continue with a successful brand? thats weird right.. or did I just noticed that? I would never quit with a successful brand.

But the most thing I am worried about it, is how they change young women. What do they do for these young women? Do they make themselves feel pretty or they give off the vibe like take plastic surgery to? Look like me? Your icon?

The sisters have influenced thousands of young people to go under the knife, but while it’s been great for business and it is a big business for sure in 2022 and in the future, plastic surgeons aren’t so sure it’s been great for society and no its not at all.

Lipfillers, butt implants, fillers, botox, nosejobs. They have it all and this is what women see on social media. They feel the urge to do it to. They feel the urge to change themselves because you are naturally not good enough. This is what they represent to others.

So why is nobody talking about that? The influence on the youth? Are we ruining the beauty of the youth?

This is wat concerns me,

What about you? What keeps you busy? Worrying about the planet and society? or just your favorite mascara or lipstick?


mandy b.
mandy b.https://iammandyb.com
Founder, owner, writer Iammandyb.com & artistheat.com (coming up this summer)
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