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Why is Lululemon so Expensive? Is it worth it?




Lululemon Athletica, the famous athletic apparel brand, is known for its high-quality products and premium price tag. Many customers wonder why Lululemon products come with a hefty price compared to other athletic wear brands. In this blog post, we will look into the factors contributing to the higher cost of Lululemon apparel.

Manufacturing Excellence and Quality Control:

Lululemon strongly emphasizes manufacturing excellence and quality control, which is a significant factor contributing to the higher cost of its products. The company understands the importance of producing durable and high-performance athletic wear that meets the expectations of its customers. To achieve this, Lululemon invests in expensive machines and fabric-developing techniques at the industry’s forefront.

The manufacturing process at Lululemon involves multiple stages of thorough testing and quality control measures. Before a product is sent into production, it undergoes 13 to 15 product tests to ensure its performance, durability, and overall quality. Additionally, each fabric used in their apparel undergoes meticulous testing to meet the company’s stringent standards. These tests include assessments of breathability, moisture-wicking properties, and stretch recovery.

By subjecting their products to rigorous testing, Lululemon aims to deliver exceptional quality and performance to their customers. This commitment to manufacturing excellence helps them maintain a loyal customer base that appreciates the durability and reliability of their apparel. While these stringent quality control measures increase production costs, they ensure that Lululemon products consistently meet the high standards that the brand is known for. The investment in quality control is a testament to Lululemon’s dedication to providing customers with long-lasting, functional, and reliable athletic wear.

Cost of Operations:

The cost of operations is another factor contributing to the higher price of Lululemon products. As a prominent athletic apparel brand, Lululemon operates with a diverse range of departments and teams to ensure smooth and efficient business operations. The company requires a substantial workforce, from executives and managers to sales, marketing, procurement, and customer support teams. The salaries, benefits, and infrastructure expenses associated with maintaining such a workforce add to the overall cost of operations.

In addition to human resources, Lululemon invests in marketing and advertising efforts to promote its brand and products. These efforts involve expenses related to advertising platforms, sponsorships, partnerships, and events. Lululemon’s commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience also necessitates investment in customer support teams and initiatives. All these costs, along with overhead expenses like office space, utilities, and technology infrastructure, are factored into the pricing of Lululemon products. While these operational costs increase the overall price, they contribute to the seamless functioning of the company and the satisfaction of its customers.

Outsourced Manufacturing:

Lululemon follows a strategy of outsourcing manufacturing to facilities in Asian countries. Outsourcing production allows the company to utilize cost-effective labor and specialized manufacturing capabilities. Asian countries like China, Vietnam, and Bangladesh have established textile and apparel manufacturing expertise, allowing Lululemon to access their skilled workforce and infrastructure.

However, outsourcing manufacturing also incurs additional costs for Lululemon. Once production is complete, the apparel must be transported from the manufacturing facilities to the respective stores or distribution centers. This involves expenses related to logistics, including transportation, packaging, and customs fees. These costs are ultimately factored into the pricing of Lululemon products, contributing to their higher price point compared to brands that may have in-house manufacturing facilities.

While outsourcing manufacturing presents specific cost challenges, Lululemon can focus on its core abilities, such as design, innovation, and marketing. It also enables the company to scale production according to demand fluctuations, ensuring timely delivery of products to customers. By leveraging the manufacturing capabilities of Asian countries, Lululemon can maintain its product quality while optimizing costs, albeit with additional expenses associated with transportation and logistics.

Research and Constant Innovation:

Lululemon’s commitment to research and constant innovation is a significant driver behind the higher cost of its products. The company understands the significance of staying ahead of the competition and meeting the evolving needs of its customers. To achieve this, Lululemon invests substantial resources in research and development activities. They have established the Whitespace lab in Vancouver, Canada, a dedicated facility for experimentation, product development, and innovation.

The Whitespace lab is equipped with state-of-the-art exercise machines, humidity-controlled chambers, and dunk pools, allowing Lululemon to conduct extensive research and testing on various materials, fabrics, and designs. This facility enables the company to push the boundaries of technology, performance, and style, resulting in superior products that meet the demands of active individuals. However, conducting research and maintaining such a sophisticated lab incurs significant costs, including the salaries of highly skilled researchers and the operational expenses of the facility.

Lululemon’s commitment to constant innovation requires continuous investment in research and development. The company aims to improve its apparel’s functionality, performance, comfort, and style through experimentation and technological advancements. This dedication to innovation drives the higher cost of their products. It ensures that Lululemon remains at the forefront of the athletic wear industry, offering customers cutting-edge designs and performance-enhancing features.

Skilled Research Personnel:

Lululemon’s pursuit of research and innovation demands a team of highly skilled and experienced research personnel. The company understands that conducting advanced research and developing groundbreaking products requires the expertise of individuals with specialized knowledge in areas such as material science, biomechanics, and textile engineering. Lululemon invests in attracting top talent to its research team, offering competitive salaries and benefits to ensure it can attract and maintain the best researchers in the field.

These skilled research personnel are crucial in driving Lululemon’s innovation initiatives. They contribute their expertise in analyzing market trends, conducting experiments, and testing new materials and designs. Their valuable insights and contributions shape the development of new products and technologies that meet the needs and preferences of Lululemon’s discerning customers. The salaries and compensation of these skilled researchers are a significant factor in the overall cost of production, as their expertise and specialized knowledge are vital to maintaining Lululemon’s reputation for high-quality and innovative athletic wear.

Lululemon understands that they must rely on something other than minimum-wage or entry-level research personnel to achieve groundbreaking advancements and maintain a competitive edge. Skilled research personnel with advanced degrees and extensive experience command higher salaries, reflecting the value they bring to the company’s research and development efforts. By investing in a highly skilled research team, Lululemon ensures that its products are backed by scientific expertise and continue to deliver exceptional quality, performance, and innovation to its customers.


The higher price of Lululemon apparel can be attributed to several factors. The company’s focus on manufacturing excellence, quality control, and extensive product testing increases production costs. Outsourcing manufacturing and managing various departments also adds to operational expenses. Lululemon’s commitment to research, innovation, and maintaining a state-of-the-art research facility incurs significant costs. Ultimately, these expenses are reflected in the premium price of Lululemon products. Despite the higher cost, many customers are willing to pay for the brand’s reputation, quality, and performance, making Lululemon a leader in the athletic apparel market.


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