Why is Kylie Jenner so Popular?




Why is Kylie Jenner so popular? What did she do?

She is a social media personality, multiple business owner and reality-tv star.

She has many fans and a lot of people love this woman, but why? We are the type of girl that is always wondering why. Why this, why that. What did Kylie Jenner do? Nobody really writes about this on Google on their blogs.

But being curious is good.

They (The Kardashians and Jenners) are very famous and I think people like their show and brands. To be really honest Kylie Jenner has nothing special. She does not do much for her fans, she is not very creative or original. I always like people who do something for others, who like to see others successful. like Rita Ora and Oprah Winfrey. Kind and social women helping society and poor people.

This all the Kardashians and Jenners don’t do. Its just them, the spotlights on them and thats it.

We think she is so popular because she is famous and once your famous you will get fans. She gets many likes on social media and others see that and follow her. You wont follow someone with just a few followers, right?

Fame means fans, simple as that. Even if your not special. Kylie Jenner is even more famous then her sister Kim Kardashian. She has more followers and likes and more success with her brands. Kylie cosmetics is more worth then KKW Beauty. Read the differences here.

She was the first Billionaire in the family. Like what?

But although she is a Billionaire, she does not always seem so happy and kinda lonely and bored on her social media. Her posts are actually kinda boring on the gram. But fame and success can be lonely. Its not all in life.

Being a billionaire is something we cant even imagine, although becoming a millionaire with our brands would be nice though. Keep on working! We definitely will. We hope of finding a businesspartner to.

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