Why is Kim Kardashian so rich? What did she do?





Why is Kim Kardashian so rich? How did she do that? Lets be honest: who does not want to be a billionaire? Call me superficial, but being a millionaire is a goal for sure and we are working damn hard on multiple brands/blogs for it. So lets talk in 10 years again. Of course luck and love is the most important in life. Whats life full of money without love?

A lot of people are jaleous on the facts she is a wealthy Billionaire. If its all deserved, well thats another story.

This woman works hard, but of course lets not forget she is born in a rich enviroment. We would like to call this woman born rich. Born rich is always easier. Her father was Robby Kardashian and he was a very successful lawyer who earned up to $200,000 per year so she was born in a rich family. Her mother is also a businesswoman, so she is lucky with the people around her. She knows businessminded people that want to work with her and build brands.


But she is a smart woman herself too. She knows how to brand herself and put herself in the spotlights. With milions of likes and followers she is a social media queen.

She has come a long way since the days of working for Paris Hilton. She started with some small businesses, like her app and her selfie book. But KKW beauty, Kim Fragnance company and the shapewear brand Skims is what made her a Billionaire. She also gets an income from the family’s reality TV show, endorsements, and smaller investments and of course social media sponsorships. She can get 1 million for 1 sponsorship.

How did kim kardashian become rich and famous?

At first, she became famous because of a leaked sextape with her ex Raj-J. Not the best idea ever to become famous. People are still talking about it. But Now she is everywhere and working hard on her brands. Kim Kardashian is the most wealthy thanks to her KKW Beauty company and SKIMS brand, but as well as endorsements, reality TV income, and smaller investments. Kim sold a 20 percent stake in her KKW Beauty line to Coty for $200 million in 2020 and in 2022 she has a networth of more than 1 billion.

We like Skims (its a good idea for a brand) and we will buy the brand soon.

So in short, she became famous because of a leaked sex-tape, but became rich because of her entrepreneurship, successful brands. But with the help of people around her.




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