Why is Fenty Beauty so popular? Its riri of course!




Why is Fenty Beauty so popular?

Fenty Beauty is very popular. But why is this?

Is it Rihanna? Is it because its just her brand? Or is it popular because the products are really good?

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Lets find it out here.

Rihanna is a billionaire thanks to her brands Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin. But she is expanding her empire by launching

So what is different about Fenty Beauty?

From the beginning, Rihanna was very clear that absolutely no one was to be excluded. Her vision of “Beauty for All” became the marketing mission and this was a very good idea of her and her team.

Fenty Beauty first launched with 40 beautiful shades of foundation and today they even have 50. Can you imagine’? 50 shades, thats a lot. At the time, there wasn’t a brand that truly reached everyone from the lightest skin to the darkest.

This brand is for everyone. Also dark skin women.

Fenty Beauty launched initially with just makeup in 2017. By the end of its first full calendar year of operation, it had generated $550 million in revenue, making it more successful than other celebrity-fronted brands such as Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics.

Fenty Beauty is more successful then Kylie Cosmetics. Its worth more then 1 billion and is launched in even Africa.

But to be honest, I think Rihanna international fame and 100 million Instagram followers did the real work. She had an huge reach compared to others when starting a business and Rihanna is very popular. She is an icon.

But to launch 50 shades also did the work. As a Black woman, Rihanna had previously been honest about her own struggles finding makeup that matched her skin tone. This gave the brand authenticity.

To be honest I just think only Rihanna can pull of a brand like this. Its a gorgeous woman with awesome looks, her make-up is always perfect and she has many fans, even much more then Kylie Jenner.

So we heard she is launching Fenty Hair and Fenty kids. Like what? This woman is going for a big empire. We really look up to her. She will be so rich in the next coming 10 years. even richer then Kim Kardashian.

So where can you buy Fenty Beauty?

FentySkin.com ships internationally to 150+ countries. Fenty Skin is also available for purchase at select Sephora stores throughout the U.S., Canada, France, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore and the Middle East (UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait).

So what are your favorite products of Fenty Beauty?


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