Who is the most iconic fashion icon anno 2024?




Who is the most iconic fashion icon in 2024?

Which woman has charisma?

Its rihanna of course. A woman with charisma and style.

A fashion-icon is an influential person who introduces new styles and often dares to challenge the norm or standard of fashion. They come with new things, they are trendsetters, they are risktakers, they set the trends.

Icons have become a part of fashion; their styles are embraced and adopted by many people. These fashion influencers can be personalities from across different industries, like sports, politics, and entertainment. We have many style icons, but for us Rihanna is number 1!

We love this woman. She really has a style. Her own style. Its dope, orginal, trendy and iconic.

She wears all kinds of brands, all kinds of patterns and colors.

Rihanna is everything and more when it comes to fashion. She has no boundaries and breaks every rule when it comes to her clothing choices and style preferences.

RiRi makes anything look good. Over the years, she has worn so many fabulous red carpet looks, including the time she wore a chic black Stella McCartney tuxedo jacket as a dress to the British Fashion Awards. She still rocked the look!

She wears high heels with a bomber jacket, she wears a dress with sneakers. She wears high fashion, but also cheaper brands. She wears gothic, edgy, grunge, punk, streetwear. All kind of styles.

She is not obsessed with only luxury brands. She also wears Nike, Puma and more. Affordable clothes for everyone!

And that makes her an icon. She can have it all!

Not she is not only a fashion-icon, she also experimentates with make-up looks and hairstyles. All together it looks always great.

Did you know that her partnership with PUMA led to a 40 per cent increase in US sales of the brand’s sneakers for women?She worked with Armani, River Island, Stance, Dior, Manolo Blahnik and much more. Now she has her own make-up empire and lingerie line: Savage x Fenty! Stay tuned for some Savage looks.

We get inspired everytime when we see a new look! Want to keep an eye on her looks? Keep checking stealherstyle.net. But he steal it, but give it your own twist.

So who do you think is most iconic anno 2024 when it comes to fashion sense?




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