What is Poosh and what is it worth?




Lifestyle blog Poosh. What is it worth? How does it make money?

Poosh is the brand of Kourtney Kardashian. Yes the least interesting Kardashian to look at, well sorry, I like this women. She has a dope style and is not such of an extreme attentionseeker as her sister Kim. She has a good style and a nice dope husband. Not doing everything for attention. Not like The desperate sister.

According to the Poosh website, “Our mission is to EDUCATE, MOTIVATE, CREATE, and CURATE a modern lifestyle, achievable by all.” Since launching in 2019 Poosh has become a lifestyle, a motto, and a verb used by Kourtney herself and loyal Poosh followers.The website layout/design is kinda boring, the content could be better, but the idea of a lifestyle brand is good.

Poosh is a lifestyle website full of content about recipes, expert advice on fashion, fitness and wellness. Poosh is Basically, all of Kourtney’s top tips and tricks she’s learnt over the years thrown in with her healthy living ethos. It was a good idea of her.

The website has 700k visitors a month, so not millions like Goop. It could be more though when focused on SEO and keywords. Things people search for in Google.

She sells products, all kinds of stuff. The good thing about the site is that it also sells affordable things. She gets collaborates directly with brands to sell products through her own site. She then takes a cut of the profits. She makes around 3 million a year with the website. Really? with 700k traffic? and no advertising on it? We are not sure..

Keep it up Kourtney!

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